How to Choose a Perfect Restaurant for a Date

Proper preparation, they say, prevents poor performance. So, you stopping by here is just on the right path to your date longing for another blithesome moment with you.

As a fine diner, it's imperative you leave a positive momentum on your date, in order not to watch her startlingly walking out of the door right in front of you or simply put up with you just to send you a rather below expectation feedback. I would like to believe, you don't want to nurse a dashed hope.

Thus, here is the perfect how to guide to have your date eating out of the palm of your hands whilst savouring the main dish. This sure won't live you hanging.

Here we go!

1. Ask Your Date Her Interest

You don't have to guess what she likes or even assume, you can go ahead to ask your date her choice for a restaurant.

Even if it were a blind date from a free online dating site, in the midst of your conversation you can chip it in. Remember, no two things are exactly the same even if they were Romeo and Juliet. So, be the guy who cares enough to ask "where would you love to dine with me"? That isn't an off putting question for a Cinderella. So, go ahead!

She doesn't have to spell it all out to you like giving the name of the restaurant. She can give a list of things which would tell you just the right place to dine. Get me?

2. Research

Now you've known what she likes, therefrom, go ahead and research which restaurant will do you two right.

In this age and time, most of these restaurants have a website or a blog to make it easy for customers to connect with them. So, cease the opportunity and go through their site to view what they offer and their customer service.

In case, you're not in the know of the exact location, the site is the perfect place to get a description apart from your date. You wouldn't want to end up in the wilderness, do you?

3. Do They Meet Your Standard?

Do they meet your standard here means does your budget fit?

You wouldn't want to order for something you couldn't pay for, after which, you'll have to make some silly substitution. That's a typical example of a date gone wrong, so, avoid it! Go to somewhere and for something affordable.

Here's another thing, you have to realize that they offer cuisines and drinks that wouldn't leave you choked up! If your date is so particular about her foodies, you'll want to opt for a restaurant that offers fine degustation dishes.

4. Outlook

Comfort is non-negotiable. For that reason, look out for a comfy restaurant for you both.

A restaurant doesn't have to be amongst the upper echelons before it offers you comfort at your delight. Check out the location, is it sited in a noisy area or worse does the restaurant itself entertain noise, playing loud music that may blast the eardrum could be a turn off.

You both deserve better than developing a sore throat from screaming at the top of your voice just so you could communicate. Thus, go for a hushed restaurant.

Check out the proximity between both chairs and the lightning used in the room. You may want a stable and soft lighting than a harsh disco light which reflects on your face. Disco light should be left best within the confines of the club than a restaurant. The best thing to do here, is to visit beforehand.

5. Location

What is the proximity between the restaurant and your homes? Where you reside and where your date mate resides shouldn't be at the other extreme of the restaurant. It mustn't look like you're about to leave the town or travel to space. Journey can be stressful, so leave the long ride to the travelling agents. Trust me, you'll be fine.

6. Recommendation, Testimonials and Review

You have to know what people think about this restaurant you're about to opt for. Does it have a good reputation? You can ask your friends and family what they think about your choice and even their experiences if they had one.

Do they hold their customer in high esteem? Not one of those restaurants that could have you wait at the counter awkwardly before your order can be met. You can as well-read testimonials and review from other customers about their services, food, and prices.

7. Make a Booking

Some restaurants have a booking policy. You can go ahead and book for a table of two after they must have met your standard.

A good date starts with entering into an uncrowded room with a variety of foodies and drinks for customers. It's a disappointment when you have to keep hopping from one restaurant to another just to see if they have enough space for two as well as suitable dishes.

Make sure also they run on a daily basis. Seeing an "out of service" sign isn't the best sight!

Having realized all these, you can go ahead and say a yes and an amen to the perfect restaurant of your choice. Bon appetite!

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