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Hey Sinners and Saints! I'm Christian Senger, but you may know me as Holy City Sinner, the award-winning blog and twitter account about the city of Charleston.

When I started (and it's associated social media channels) in August 2011, I was just trying to share my Charleston experiences with anyone that was interested. There were already plenty of good news organizations in town, but I thought there was room for an outlet that mostly focused on events and day-to-day happenings.

Holy City Sinner (HCS) has since grown to include everything from local news aggregation, helpful resources, and interviews to event listings, celebrity sightings, and party previews. In the seven years since its debut, I have appeared on/in ABC News 4, Kickin 92.5, FOX 24, The Bridge 105.5, skirt! Magazine, USA Today, Mix 95.9, Charleston City Paper, Lowcountry Live, Southern Living, BBC, Quintin's Close-ups, Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts, and more.

HCS would be nothing without your support, and thanks to you, I'm able to do something I love. Your encouragement pushes me to make HCS better each day - and there's much I still want to do.

With your support via a service called Patreon, I can expand upon my current content and make HCS better than ever. A HUGE "THANK YOU!" goes out to my current supporters.

Why Patreon?

I've always been proud to say that Holy City Sinner has never been about making money. What little money I've received from banner ads, went right back into the website. I want to keep expanding HCS by adding new content, updating the website, and launching new projects, but I want to do that without bothering you with pop-ups, invasive graphics, and the like.

I want Holy City Sinner to not only become a mainstay in Charleston, but stay fresh, fun, and exciting in the process. Becoming a supporter of Holy City Sinner helps make that goal a reality. Supporters will gain access to enhanced content, sneak previews, and early access to new projects. All Patreon money will go towards website costs (hosting, security, the calendar program, etc.) and new projects. With enough support, HCS could launch the two things you guys request the most - an app and a podcast.

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