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Print books are better for learning than eBooks

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The suffering of fans of printed publications began with the release of the first electronic books. Techno idealists proclaimed the decline of the era of paper literature. In their opinion, printed products had to sink into oblivion after cassette tape recorders and VHS. The death of printed books seemed so evident that eBook publishers began to talk about the fact that digital text is more suitable for young readers.

But let’s not force events and arrange a funeral in advance. According to experts, eBook sales constantly fall while sales of printed publications are doing well. Fans of paper books, their incomparable smell of fresh printing ink, rustling pages cried out loudly and joyfully: “We told you! We were right: paper books will not disappear anywhere!” And let the readers forgive them for such an emotional upsurge.

So, why did the sales of eBooks decrease? Most likely, this happened because many tech lovers made the transition from paper versions to electronic text on the wave of the interest to novelties. But a bit later, after getting acquainted with the shortcomings of innovation, they returned back. The rest of readers remained loyal to the classic book volumes from the very beginning.

And here we have a few reasons why paper books will never leave the scene like VHS did.

Books are beautiful

Some books can be considered as the objects of aesthetic admiration. Delightful illustrations, an ideal cover – what else does a lover of a printed word need? True fans are ready to spend a little more money and get aesthetic pleasure instead of a simple electronic text.

Shelves with books look much more beautiful than their absence. They add uniqueness and individuality to a home or a classroom. “A room without books is like a body without a soul” – Cicero said.

Printed books help to relax

Paper publications require the reader to spend time. Unlike reading an electronic text, when we are constantly in the flow of information, holding a printed book in hand is almost a meditative sensation. The reader can afford to relax, dream a little, turn a few pages back.

Printed books cause trust

Studies show that reading a text in a printed form is much better than in electronic one. We are not even talking about the benefits for eyesight. Printed material is better perceived and remembered by our brain.

Many young people believe that paper textbooks are more credible than digital information. Therefore, they rather go to libraries than to the Internet for knowledge.

Printed book is a very personal thing

Only in your own paper copy of the book, you can highlight important and favorite paragraphs, make notes on the fields, dry out a flower between pages, after all. Paper books are witnesses of our experiences, emotions. They are the keepers of our past.

Some people like to read several books at one. It’s easier to do this with printed publications at hand.

What about a meeting with a writer? It’s nice to get an autograph and a few lines from the author on the first page of a paper book.

Many people read eBooks only on the road, on travel, but do not give up paper copies. Paying tribute to the convenience of electronic versions, they enjoy the old traditions.

Most parents are sure that children’s textbooks should be printed on paper, because small readers like bright, colorful illustrations.

Study of the University of California

Numerous studies of various aspects of the use of eBooks are carried out now. In 2008, the library of the University of California launched a large pilot program for electronic textbooks. The most important part of the survey tells about respondents’ answers about the reasons for their preferences. It becomes clear from the statements of participants what determines their choice.

Digital books are often used when it is necessary to find a particular fact in a text. If there is a need to read the whole chapter with a more careful study of the material, preference is given to printed publications.

Here are some typical explanations:

  • “Electronic books dispel attention.”
  • “Paper makes my mind more focused and protects me from the various distractions that can arise when using a computer.”
  • “I have some difficulty with concentrating on long excerpts when I use a computer.”
  • “Reading on a computer makes the perception of information harder.”
  • “I am a much better reader if there is a paper book in front of me.”

Nielsen Norman Group study

According to a study by Nielsen Norman Group, modern devices do not speed up the reading process, but only slow it down. Tests with the use of iPads were conducted, which showed that:

  • with the help of this device, people read a literature work 6.2% slower than those who experimented with a usual printed book;
  • “Amazon Kindle 2” reduces the speed by 10.7%;
  • and a typical computer reduces the reading speed by almost 1.5 times.

Funny benefits

Here is a list of the funny benefits of a printed book compared to an electronic one:

  1. If you spill a drink on a book, it will not become unusable.
  2. In an eBook, you cannot fold a page, even a virtual one.
  3. An eBook cannot be used as a door stopper or be placed under the window, so that it does not close.
  4. A printed book does not break if it falls.
  5. A used eBook cannot be sold.
  6. The printed book does not need to be recharged.
  7. If necessary, you can burn the book to save yourself from the cold.
  8. You will not feel yourself robbed after paying money for an immaterial set of bits and bytes.
  9. A printed book can be left on the lounger near the pool to show that the place is occupied, and it is not recommended to do so with an eBook.
  10. A printed book can be read under the brightest sunlight (although it is said that the screen of the latest Kindle also allows you to do this).

Therefore, we gladly unpack newly purchased books, feel the pleasant smoothness of the cover, enjoy the specific smell, and spend hours at bookshops. Looking at the stranger with a stack of books, we are relieved to realize that there are still many fans of printed word.

Although, of course, it is not right say that technology is bad, because it opens access to useful information sources and such auxiliary online services as https://pro-papers.com/essay-paper-writing-service.

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