Closed for Business to Shutter as Monza Expands into its Space

In a pretty surprising social media post, King Street favorite Closed for Business announced that it will soon guessed it, closing for business. The post also said that next door neighbor and sister restaurant Monza, will be expanding into the space.

The Facebook post read as follows:

"Monza is expanding! Look for more news in the coming weeks as plans finalize to open more seats and a new bar with an exciting beverage program for the fans of Monza.

Closed for Business will truly be closing for business. The bar remains open while we prepare for a week long silent auction of all its décor, furnishings, and glassware. Stay tuned for timing and more information."

Monza and Closed for Business are both owned by Rerun Restaurants.

You can stay up-to-date on the auction and further news on  Closed for Business's Facebook page.


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