Pay Dirt: The Alley Hosts Madden Xbox Tournament with Cash Prizes

Across the globe, video game fans have been meeting up to compete in different gaming tournaments, and on October 18th at 6 pm, Charleston’s best sports bar, The Alley, will host their first Madden NFL 19 Xbox One Tournament for area gamers.

Madden NFL, named after Pro Football Hall of Famer John Madden, is an EA Sports video game series known for its realistic features, sophisticated playbooks, and more. The franchise has even influenced many football players and coaches.

The Alley's tournament will put thirty-two players in a one vs. one bracket-style competition for a chance to win:
  • $200 cash and a $100 Alley gift card
  • $100 cash and a $50 Alley gift card
  • $25 cash and a $25 Alley gift card
Entry fee to compete is $10 and can be paid online at

Competitor's friends and family, as well as the public, can come out and cheer the players on for free while also watching Thursday Night Football (Denver Broncos vs Arizona Cardinals) on the big screens, and enjoying a $4 Breakfast Burger or $4 Classic Burger, and $4 Westbrook One Claw.

This event is not affiliated with EA Sports or NFL.


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