6 Slot Machine Superstitions that will keep luck on your side

Many people hold various habits or rituals that are performed before or during a specific task or situation. when these beliefs are irrational and supernatural they are often referred to as superstitions, having a certain superstition usually enables a sense of control over the future outcome. This article will review several superstitions that are associated with slot machines, some superstitions have a slight connection to reality while others are more spiritual. When it comes to winning money, there's no harm in trying to get luck on your side in any way you can.

Being superstitious doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding walking underneath ladders or spitting when you spot a black cat crossing the road near you. Superstitions are found everywhere in our daily routines in things we do that go unnoticed, like saying “Bless you” after somebody sneezes, knocking on wood when something alarming is said, or even having a lucky charm. Resembling the behaviors linked with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder) it is understood why people would cling to such rituals, to make them feel safe and in control when they need it or when trying to gain luck in situations that might be rewarding, for example playing for money.

Therefore, it is not very surprising that one of the most popular fields commonly linked with superstitions is gambling. As you can expect, when people bet money on the uncontrollable, unknown force of luck, that is exactly when they desperately feel the need to gain even the slightest control over the situation - and superstitions are born. These superstitions caught fire and today are used all over the world in slot machine games worldwide. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • “Cooked” or “Iced” coins

One of the most classic superstitions for slot machine players is the belief that the temperature of the coin can change your luck. While some believe that if coins are heated before being inserted into a machine they will more likely hit jackpot, others insist that cooling the coins with ice beforehand will do the trick.

  • How new the machine is

Some superstitions may sound more legitimate than others and can actually make theoretical sense. One of these is the belief that the fresh mechanism of a new slot machine that has only just been opened for use will have more chances for a good payout. As this can be waved away by considering that each slot machine meets the same strict, high standards - it is not completely a wrong belief to have, since most times casino operators offer bonuses for people to try the new games. In fact, there are many ways you could become a bonus insider at any number of casinos. Meaning, while a new slot machine functions just as regularly as any other in the casino, you might have more chances to gain money from the promotion happening around a new one.

  • The location of the machine

It is said that in previous times, casino owners would place their most paying out machines at the entrance of the place, as a way to attract new customers that are just coming in. Even though times have changed and the machines go through a rotation every once in a while, it remains a superstition that the location of the machine indicates how well it pays out.

  • Playing position

Personalizing slot machines is not considered too strange in a casino, many believe the machines can read the players’ minds and are aware of their actions. Leading to the superstition that the odds of winning can change depending on whether they sit or stand. This originates from the idea that the machine can sense if you’re too comfortable and might cause you to lose on purpose. Similarly, some players believe the machines are watching them and will only pay out if they look away.

  • Karma -  the machine owes you

Not only is it a common superstition to think that the machines are keeping an eye on

you, another known one consists of feeling like the slot machine owes you something for

all of your tries. Some people will insert more money so that the machine will then in

return, reward them for their brave investment.

  • The hour

You can always find people at the casino in the strangest of hours. Whether at peak time, after the big crowds have cleared or sometimes even very early in the morning, people tend to associate luck with a specific time. Their reason for doing so is the thought that machines that did not pay out the night before might do so in the morning, whereas some people believe that machines are programmed to pay out when there are more crowds to witness it.

To sum it all up, the superstitions around slot machines are probably endless. They gain popularity due to the influence players have on one another, and through success stories that are shared and passed on about times where a certain superstition helped somebody win. Superstitions have always been around since the beginning of mankind and will probably continue being a big part of it, providing us with the slight hope that we do in fact to have an impact on our luck, fate and life in general. Though it is easy to judge anybody’s belief in superstitions, we must consider the fact that even fate itself is a wonder on it’s own - and that everything surrounding us is already magic enough, be it science or not!

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