5 Factors that Affect Personal Injury Claims

Have you been hurt due to no fault of your own? It should be easy to claim from insurance, right? These are the factors that make or break bodily injury claims.

Physicians see 40 million patients every year for unintentional injuries.

While most of those accident victims will recover from their ordeals, they still deal with trauma stemming from being unable to work or do several other integral tasks. In these cases, how much money victims can make from injury claims is imperative to their ability to keep moving forward.

Not every accident victim gets as much money from their injury as they expect. There are a variety of factors that can affect how much money an insurance adjuster offers.

Here are a few of the most vital claim variables.

  1. The Location of an Accident

Where your accident takes place, in legal terms, is referred to as your accident's "venue". Depending on your venue, you will be more or less likely to get a favorable settlement offer.

This is due to certain areas being more sympathetic to accident victims in court than others. Your insurance adjuster will be motivated to cut you a deal in a victim-favoring community.

  1. Your Liability in an Accident

If it's discovered that your personal injury claims are tied to an event that you were even partially at fault for, your claim entitlements will reduce or disappear altogether. Insurance adjusters will evaluate whether or not negligence on your part was a factor in your claim and structure your offer based on their findings.

  1. A Doctor's Assessment

It's important that you see a doctor immediately after an accident so that they can ensure your well-being and write a report on your condition.

A doctor's report that outlines extensive damages will put pressure on insurers to offer you more money to settle. A doctor's report that clears your health will entice insurers to reject your claim and fight you in court.

  1. Evidence That Has Been Collected

The more evidence that you have to support your injury claims the better. Insurers know that evidence against them will make for a harder fight in court.

As you start to present insurers with evidence that back your injury claims, feel confident in using that leverage to fight for more money.

  1. Whether or Not You Have Legal Representation

The single most important thing that you can do when chasing down injury claims is getting legal representation. A good lawyer knows how to fight to maximize your compensation and isn't afraid to take insurance companies to court if needed.

You can find plenty of details online that outline the value that a lawyer can bring to a personal injury case. We suggest educating yourself and finding a quality lawyer near you.

To Maximize Injury Claims, Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Favorable injury claims don't just fall from the sky after an accident. You have to fight for them.

To make your fight a successful one, do what you can to stack the odds in your favor by working with a good lawyer, doctor and collecting as much evidence as possible when an accident occurs. If you do that, the insurance company that you're trying to collect from will work to appease you outside of the courtroom.

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