5 Amazing Ways to Spend a Weekend on a Students Budget

Are you a student on a tight budget wondering what to do this weekend for some fun and relaxation? Don’t let your small budget stop you from having an amazing time with your friends. There are plenty of cheap and fun things to do that will leave you energized, inspired, and relaxed.

This article introduces you to 5 amazing ways to spend a weekend on a low budget or with no expense at all. With just a bit of imagination, you can adapt these activities to match yours and your friends’ preferences, so at the end of the weekend, each of you feels that the time was well spent.

5 Cheap and Fun Things to Do on a Weekend

Cheap and fun are not things that usually go easily together. Many students believe that interesting activities usually cost serious money while cheap activities are usually not very fun. Let’s dispel this myth.

Get Creative

The holy grail for students would be something to do that combines fun activities with productivity so they can achieve something practical while enjoying themselves. Is creative writing something fun for you? Maybe you can spend the weekend writing persuasive essays for that upcoming course deadline. You explore fun ideas, and in the end, you have a paper to present at school. Find challenging topics and let your imagination run wild. Think about examples of other creative projects you could do.

If combining fun and productivity is not something that interests you, maybe it’s best to find some free persuasive essay and spend your time doing something that really attracts you. With a free schedule, let’s see what you could do this weekend.

1.      Practice a New Skill

Want to do something challenging and creative that will help you bond with your friends? Start practicing a new skill together. If you prefer being outdoors, taking up photography, or starting a vegetable garden can be fun and relaxing. If you like the indoors more, you could practice an instrument, start a karaoke session, or learn to make handmade jewelry.

2.      Binge-Watch Your Favorite Shows and Films

Binge-watching your favorite TV shows and films makes for a great low budget or no spend weekend activity. If you have some money to spend, you could buy some snacks and drinks. Otherwise, just improvise something from that you already have in the kitchen. Invite your friends over and get cozy together, sharing laughs and giggles as you watch your favorite movie stars.

3.      Dance or Workout

If you’re looking for something to do, getting off the couch is the first step. For some people, a workout is not something to do when you want to have fun. If you are one of those people, you can replace your usual workout with some dancing on the weekend. Working out or dancing are energizing activities that release dopamine and make you feel incredibly good with the added bonus that you’ll also tone your body and look great after only a few weekend sessions.

4.      Go Hiking

One of the most fun things to do for college students is to leave the campus for a while and destress in a completely new environment. For an amazing no-spend weekend, you can gather up your friends and go hiking together. No matter where you live, there must be some forest, hill, mountain, or beach town nearby, so you can spend some time in nature, get sunshine, and get your body into motion while enjoying beautiful nature.

5.      Find Free Activities in Your City

Do a quick online search for what to do this weekend in your city. You should find all the free events nearby and see which one seems attractive to you. In most major cities, there are usually dozens of museums with free weekend exhibitions, free outdoor concerts, open markets, and all sorts of interesting activities for students and not only. Attend cultural activities, and you’ll even gain new insights for those persuading essays you have to write for school.

You wonder what to do this weekend and worry that money will stop you from having fun? Don’t worry. Follow our tips, and you’ll have an amazing weekend that will restore your energy, so can take up new challenges at school with a fresh outlook.

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