New Animated Shows Coming Soon to Netflix

Whoever said that cartoons were for kids only, lied! These days, there are great animated shows for adults propping up from every TV station. In fact, there have been animated shows for adults that have driven the world crazy in recent years. These include The Boondocks, the Simpsons, Family Guy, and many others. Netflix, not to be outdone, is bringing some fresh, new animation shows that will make you roll over with laughter. Some of these shows are new, while others are returning for new seasons. Read on to find out what new animated shows are coming to Netflix this 2019/2020.

Disenchantment (Part 2)

We know that you will really enjoy watching this animation series as you play your favorite real money pokies on your mobile. Due for release this 2019, this is the second part of this cartoon’s first season. The first part was released back in August of 2019 and it left its mark. Viewers saw its potential and Netflix just had to bring it back. For those that don’t know, Netflix splits its seasons into two parts. This ensures that there are constantly new episodes being released. Part 2 of this animation will carry 10 episodes and we expect the third and fourth parts of this show to be released in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Big Mouth (Season 3)

This 2019 release had so many people waiting for it. As always, we can expect our favorite puberty-driven characters to give us the laughs as they go through more misadventures.

Bojack Horseman (Season 5)

This is definitely the longest-running animated series on Netflix. I guess this is because it is a really a great animation and now, it’s being renewed for the sixth season.  It is loved by everyone including best Canadian sports betting sites fans who took to social media to express how they feel about the show.

F is for Family (Season 4)

Due for release in 2020, this series is now on its fourth season. As you watch this animation, you get whisked back into the 70s. We guess this one is quite popular because of the brilliant writing, as well as the excellent performance. In this coming season, a new Murphy baby will arrive and we can expect the craziness to continue.

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