A Selection Of The Most Important 2019 Events In Charleston

Residents of Charleston are fairly knowledgeable of the most popular festivities happening here and the particular dates when they should get ready for these. As for outside residents, it might be useful to consult a list that summarizes the most important ones and allows for appropriate plans to be made when visiting the old port city in South Carolina.

Explore Within And Beyond The List

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Most Important Events In 2019

  • Some of the most prominent city events are listed below in chronological order: 15-17 th of February – Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. The event revolves around various forms of wildlife art, pet demonstrations, and competitions (pedigree dogs), thematically tuned culinary event, and a general celebration of a sporting lifestyle.
  • March – Wine + Food Festival. The festival is a true gastronomic explosion, powered by renowned local and invited chefs, artisanal food promoters, a place for wine degustation powered by talented winemakers, and last but not least, an occasion for high-quality socializing, with lots of invited high-profile figures from various fields.
  • March - Fashion Week in Marion Square – A five-night event featuring runway shows, art pieces from famous designers, lots of photographers, famous personalities from the fashion world, and extensive coverage.
  • 6th of April - Cooper River Bridge Run – this is one of the most attended 10 km runs in the world. The event is remarkable in that it unites people of various ages, occupation, fitness level for outdoor sports activity. Of course, the festivity does not lack the glamour and the colors, with lots of funny costumes, music, and dynamics to create the appropriate mood.

  • 30th of March - Open Tennis Tournament (sponsored by Volvo). This is a week-long female tournament held among the beautiful landscapes of the Daniel Island – the modern facility and highly–qualified players make it a professional well-organized event.
  • May - North Charleston Arts Festival – one of the most loved Spring events which involve exhibitions and art performances of various type, family events, outdoor concerts, fireworks.
  • May – Spoleto Festival – this arts festival is an already several-decade-long tradition held in different places around the city and featuring famous artists from within and outside the country. This festival inspires another more democratically priced and family-friendly annual event held in parallel– Piccolo Spoleto, organized by the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

  • 27 September – Moja Arts Festival. This is a 10-day celebration of the Gullah culture featuring African music, Caribbean gastronomic specialties, lots of colors, rhythm, etc.
  • September – Taste of Charleston. This gastronomic festival is held on the Boone Hall Plantation and due to its scale, quality, and gastronomic diversity is regarded as one of the top 20 events in the Southeast.
  • 10 November - Holiday Festival of Lights. Lasting up to the 1 st of January, this is a celebration of the winter holiday season along the three-mile road meandering through James Island Country Park, with costumed fairy-tale creatures, carousels, etc.

Charleston has a rich cultural life with some truly large scale and regionally renowned events, hence, visitors are invited to pick up their favorite event and plan for a memorable trip.

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