Charleston-Based Podcast Aimed at Keeping It Juicy Hits Second Season

Add some oomph to your year with a dose of the Charleston-based podcast, Keep it Juicy!, where experts from across the country talk about what they do to keep life interesting.

From best-selling authors to Charleston cooking maven Nathalie Dupree, the experts on this half-hour interview show share expertise on topics such as money, health, relationships and sex, and just overall living a better life. The podcast, which is hosted by Helen Mitternight, returned for a second season on January 9th following its successful 50-episode debut season.

“I don’t curse a lot, but I had to rate my podcast, ‘explicit,’ because my guests don’t hold back,” Mitternight said. “From talking about psychopathic exes to being quite specific on how to achieve sexual health, these folks are blunt, honest, and incredibly entertaining.”

The interview segments alternate weekly with 10-minute mini-episodes during which Mitternight shares insights from her blog, “Stilettos Not Required.” Mitternight doesn’t hold back either, including sharing why she’s not contributing to all the “give-to-a-charity-in-my-name” birthday postings that have popped up on social media.

“My guests are teaching me that living a juicy life means living with the kind of wonder that usually is associated with the very young, and it means that you never stop learning,” Mitternight said.

Mitternight is a former Associated Press journalist and freelance writer.

The podcast can be found on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/keep-it-juicy/id1294283942 and on the website www.keepitjuicy.com.


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