Donate to Doors to Freedom for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

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Since today (January 11th) is recognized as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, I wanted to bring your attention to Doors to Freedom, a local organization that is doing amazing work in the Charleston area.

Doors to Freedom was established to provide a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to experience a transformed life. The organization’s desire is to lovingly support each individual as she overcomes her traumatic past and receives total restoration: body, soul, and spirit. They are committed to providing a place, free of charge, for these girls to call home. Through guided personal growth, life skills training, vocational training and academic education she will find new life, restored hope, and a beautiful future.

Please consider donating to Doors to Freedom here.

Sex Trafficking is the buying and selling of human beings. It is a multi-billion dollar global enterprise driven by deception, coercion, and force violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which declares that “everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person” and that “no one shall be held in slavery or servitude or … be submitted to torture.”

Across the nation, 5,147 human trafficking cases were reported in 2018. The National Human Trafficking Hotline annually receives multiple reports of human trafficking cases in each of the 50 states and D.C.

Globally, the International Labour Organization estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking:

  • 81% of them are trapped in forced labor.
  • 25% of them are children.
  • 75% are women and girls.

You can learn more about this crisis and Doors to Freedom at

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