Inaugural McClellanville Spring Roll Challenge Scheduled for 3/23

The inaugural McClellanville Spring Roll Challenge will be held at Johnson Family Farms on Saturday, March 23rd beginning at noon.

The competition portion of the event includes each participant rolling 50 rolls (rolls are defined as egg rolls, spring rolls, and lumpia) within two hours. Upon completion of the 50 rolls, five must be cooked in the provided fryers (if cooking is necessary) and presented to the judges. Judges will award the winner at 5 pm. The winner takes home $1,000. The rest of your rolls will be sampled by attendees who will vote for the audience favorite. If you would like to enter the competition, e-mail

Besides the competition, guests can enjoy sumo-style wrestling, ski ball, face painting, foam nunchucks, Japanese Gullah infusion food trucks, and more.

The event is presented by Southern Flavor Magazine, The Charleston Bus, Johnson Family Farms, and Boats N Hoagies.

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