Saloon Box: The Perfect Gift for Your Father

The New Year’s spirit still fills the air which means the party must go on a little longer. When you think of celebrating, you can’t help but imagine tagging your dad along. You want to buy him enough drinks to last him a lifetime but the holidays came and swept almost all the wealth you had accumulated leaving you broke and full of regrets.

Well, lucky for you, we might have a solution for your little predicament in the name of Saloon Box. Interested? Well, sit tight as we let you in on how you can gift your dad drinks on a budget.

What is SaloonBox? 

SaloonBox is a DIY cocktail box that lets you test an array of drinks without breaking the bank in the name of purchasing full-sized bottles. The box contains all the ingredients you require to make two craft cocktails. It also comes complete with a step-by-step guide created by top mixologists to allow you to whip up a recipe like a pro in a matter of minutes. What’s more attractive about this deal is that you don’t have to pay membership fees to know how to make a unique drink; all you have to do is pay a fee of $54.99 (including shipping) and create a classic and unique cocktail. You can even cancel your monthly subscription at any time if you deem necessary. If you want tosurprise your dad once, you can ignore the subscription and take the single-purchase option.

What Does The Box Include?

Your father’s SaloonBox will arrive with all the ingredients needed to make two cocktails contained in his kit. It doesn’t come with bar tools but the SaloonBox website has a myriad of bar tools, which you can purchase and send with the gift. Due to shipping delays, the fresh fruit will not be included in the kit but expect artisan fruits syrups and several other interesting ingredients that will pump up the flavor of the final drink substantially. Depending on the recipe in question, you might need to arrange for your old man to have a lemon or lime. You will be informed if you’ll need one in hand ahead of time.

How to send a SaloonBox as a gift

SaloonBox makes a great gift for a father especially if he is a cocktail craze. We highly recommend using the gift option along with a personal message. If you are not after surprising him, you can enter their email address and have them notified when the box is on the way. The email notification will contain all the details about the gift including subscriptions, the sender’s details, the personal gift message, and any tracking information. The box will also feature an artistic gift note.

Making the Order

You have two options here; purchasing a SaloonBox subscription and making a one-time purchase. With the first option, your box shipment will arrive each month after which your credit card will be charged automatically. With option number 2, your kit will be mailed to the specified address and your credit card charged once. You save $2.49 per shipment when subscribing. If you are a new customer, you might want to grab the Saloon Box new customer coupon and make some savings or increase the number of kids delivered to your dad.

Additional Information

Like all other retailers, SaloonBox has terms and conditions of conducting business. One notable one is that you must be 21 years and above before signing for the box at the time of delivery. Of course, you can have someone 21 years or older sign it for you. Since you will be giving it to your father, it is safe to assume that this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

You should also note that you can always make adjustments to the subscription by logging into your account. Just ensure that you do so before the end of the month. Else, you will receive the next month’s shipment.

Your dad deserves nothing but the best in life. You may not be able to accord him expensive treats in this dessert season of the year but with the SaloonBox gift, he will be eternally grateful to you.

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