Edmund's Oast 5 Year Anniversary Party Week Begins 2/11

Edmund’s Oast Restaurant will celebrate its 5-year anniversary with 5 days of special deals and events to say thank you to the Charleston community for its support.  

The week-long celebration includes:

  • Monday, February 11th
    • 1/2 off Edmund's Oast Food Menu Favorites
  • Tuesday, February 12th
    • Switcheroo III
    • On Tuesday, February 12th, starting at 5 pm., Edmund’s Oast will host the next Switcheroo fundraiser to benefit Ben’s Friends
    • Switcheroo III will feature local bartenders and chefs, who will switch places to serve drinks and dishes of their own design, for the evening service
    • The menu will be available a la carte
      • Bartenders (chefs)
        • Anna Lazaridis, Home Team BBQ
        • Brandon Plyler, Edmund’s Oast Exchange & Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.
        • Edward Westbook, Westbrook Brewing Co.
        • Elliott Miller, Bar Mash and Home Team BBQ
        • Derek Jayce McConnell, Edmund’s Oast
        • Joy Wolters, Bar Mash
        • Tony Chu, Red Orchids and Betty's Eatery
      • Chefs (bartenders)
        • Bob Cook, Edmund’s Oast
        • David Schuttenberg, Kwei Fei
        • James London, Chubby Fish
        • Johnny Singleton, Edmund's Oast Brewing Co.
        • Adam Randall, The Codfather
        • Juan Cassalett, Malagon
        • Wes Grubbs, Minero
    • Limited reservations available
  • Wednesday, February 13th
    • ALL Draft Beer $5
  • Thursday, February 14th
    • Ridiculous Champagne Deals for Lovers and Friends
  • Friday, February 15th
    • Big Steaks + Big Cali Red Wine

To learn more, visit us at http://edmundsoast.com/restaurant/

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