5 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts You Should Try In 2019

Asymmetrical bob haircuts have been around for a while now and have won hearts of many women. Here are some trending hairstyles to try this year.

5 Most Gratifying Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts to Try

The hairstyles industry is changing very fast. Many women are now embracing pixie haircuts and other super short haircuts. However, despite this paradigm shift, there is one hairstyle which has remained constant for many years; asymmetrical bob. You may ask why? Well, this beautiful cut rocks almost all face shapes, and it is effortless to keep.

From short and wavy bobs to elongated and rounded bobs, we have researched and compiled this list of trendiest 5 asymmetrical bob haircuts for every woman. Read more here and pick the best one that suits your face shape and complexion.

  1. Long Brown Bob.

This is a must-have asymmetrical bob haircut if you want to rock modern look. Take for example artiste Marion Cotillard, she looks so chic and stylish with this long brown bob.

The collarbone-grazing lustrous bob is an ideal length for her as the hair reaches cheekbones, highlights the eyes, and gives her an impression of a slim face.

How to Style;

  1. Use an anti-frizzing spray to prepare damp hair.
  2. Blow dry the hair thoroughly.
  3. Create a smooth and lustrous look using a flat iron.
  4. Finish the look with an anti-frizzing spray. This ensures no flyways are left.

This hairstyle is ideal for almost all face shapes. It is a simple look that will look good on all women.

  1. Short Bob.

This is one of the best haircuts that vividly show what a bob can do to you. It is a regular Victorian Beckham’s haircut with some superb edge. Her appealing bob is stylish, yet up-to-date and usually sports it with elegant side-parting with refined layers.

How to Style:

  1. Straighten your hair using flat iron.
  2. By way of running your fingers with lightweight wax through the hair, create the texture.
  3. Apply the holding spray to finish the look.

It is suitable for women with oval face shapes.

  1. An Angled Bob.

For those people who still believe that only bobs can make them look sexy, we will want to prove to them that it is also possible to look sexy and chic with angled strands.

To achieve this look, maintain your bob elongated than the jawbone length. This gives a perfect framing of your face without hiding the other features of your face which you want to show off.

How to Style:

  1. What you should try to achieve in this hairstyle are sharpness and smoothness. So use a flat iron to straighten the hair to ensure it is utterly smooth.
  2. Hold the hair in place by use of a wax.

It is an ideal haircut for women with rectangular or oval-shaped faces.

  1. A Wavy Bob.

This curly asymmetrical bob gives you an easy, sexy and glam look. It is composed of unequal lengths, dishevelled, different textures, and beachy waves. Besides, it is a ridiculously modern and dynamic haircut that can be worn just about everywhere!

How to Style:

  1. Hold and pin either side of the locks to the back.
  2. Curl the remaining part away from your face.
  3. Finish the look using a holding hairspray.

It is best hairstyle for almost all face shapes except for women with round-face shape.

  1. Extended Side-Swept Bob.

This haircut proves that buy just incorporating subtle sheen to your strands is sufficient to rock this stylish haircut. This is an excellent asymmetrical bob for women with fine or thin hair since the blunt chops enhance volume and dimension to the fine or thin locks.

Tell your hair stylist to maintain this bob extended than the jawbone lengths for a complete dynamic look. Finally, pair complements it with modest makeup and pink or red makeup to achieve a maximum sensual charm.

How to Style:

  1. Prep the hair using an anti-frizzing serum.
  2. Straighten the hair using a flat iron to come up with a straight look.
  3. Finish the look with a holding hairspray for maximum appeal and touch.

It is an ideal cut for ladies with oval or rectangular shaped faces.

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