Recreate Your Favorite Restaurant Meals At Home

How often have you been eating out at your favorite restaurant and wished that you could make a meal that tasted just as good in your own kitchen? Well, it might not be as difficult as you think. If you learn how to recreate restaurant meals in the comfort of your own home you can not only save your waistline but also help to save money too. Here are some top tips to help you get started if you want to try making some of your most popular dishes yourself.

Go With The Tried And Tested

There’s no point in looking for a complicated solution if a simple one will do. There’s a good chance that the Bolognese sauce you love at your local Italian restaurant is very similar to any old regular Bolognese recipe, but with just a few small differences. Begin by researching recipes which sound similar to the dish you have in mind and then think about how your favorite dish is similar or different. For example, did you notice oregano in the sauce? Or did you notice whether parmesan cheese had been added? If you find a recipe which is quite similar, this can form a framework to base your cooking technique on and will help to avoid all the guesswork of making a dish which you haven’t made before.

Ask The Restaurant

If there’s a dish that you really enjoy when you’re eating in a restaurant, why not just ask the restaurant for the recipe? Often, restaurants are perfectly happy to tell you how they made your favorite meal, and even if they aren’t willing to do so, they may be open to answering your questions like “what spice have you used?” or “what makes this dish so crunchy?”

Google The Recipe

It might sound bizarre, but in fact many chefs and restaurants publish their recipes in cookery books or online. This is especially likely to be the case if you’re keen to recreate a recipe from a well-known TV chef or cook. If you have a favorite recipe, try Googling it quickly before you try to make the recipe up – you might be surprised by what you find. If you like a dish which is from a chain restaurant, you’re very likely to find plenty of copycat versions on the internet.

Be Prepared For Inaccuracies

No restaurant quality recipe is going to be completely simple – there are bound to be a couple of complex ingredients which may be too expensive for you to buy, too difficult for you to find or too complicated to figure out. You can make some substitutes and still make a delicious meal that tastes amazing, and close enough to your favorite recipe to satisfy you.

Take Notes

Don’t be afraid to take notes about the dish you love while you’re eating it in the restaurant. You might forget details even just minutes after you’ve eaten the dish, so jot down your tasting notes immediately. What spices do you detect? Can you taste a citrus flavor in the background? Has the garnish made a difference to the taste? This could really help you to recreate that meal when you get home. Why not take a photo on your phone too while you’re in the restaurant? If you’re really keen, you could order another portion and take it home so you can taste it while you prepare a copycat creation. It could really help you to determine what those missing ingredients are and make subtle changes so that you can truly get the flavor just right in your own version.

Get The Right Tools

You’ll never be able to prepare restaurant quality foods without the right tools. Make sure you have the essentials like a cheese grater – a great kitchen tool for getting parmesan on the top of your favorite pasta dish!

If you follow these top tips, you’ll find that it’s much easier than you imagined to recreate all your favorite dishes right there in your own kitchen. No matter what kind of meal you’re trying to replicate, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve yourself if you take the right approach!

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