SC Aquarium presents "World of Wonder: What Lies Beneath" on 3/22

The South Carolina Aquarium yesterday announced the finale of the 2018-19 Holland Lifelong Learning series will take place March 22nd at 6 pm at The American Theater. The program, titled “World of Wonder: What Lies Beneath,” will take a dive into the future of deep-sea exploration with a keynote by ocean conservationist, Fabien Cousteau.

Cousteau, the first grandchild of famed explorer, Jacques Cousteau, grew up with an innate connection to the marine world. A pioneer in his own right, Cousteau is a filmmaker, scientist and aquanaut dedicated to protecting the Earth’s waters and is inhabitants for the next generation. During the keynote, he’ll address questions like: What does the future of ocean exploration look like? What will be discovered in this alien world? Will colonizing the ocean become a reality?

Following the keynote, moderator Dr. Nadia Drake, a National Geographic Contributor and science reporter, will lead an esteemed panel through a discussion of emerging tools and technologies in ocean exploration and the discoveries that await. Panelists include:

  • Dr. Dave Ebert, shark expert and author
  • Dr. Grace Young, ocean engineer and aquanaut
  • Dr. Daniel Wagner, NOAA expedition coordinator

Holland Lifelong Learning finale tickets can be purchased for $20; members and students can purchase tickets at a discounted rate of $10. A separate event, the South Carolina Aquarium’s annual Watershed dinner will take place immediately following the finale, and guests will have the opportunity to mingle with the panelists. Tickets to both the Holland Lifelong Learning finale and the Watershed dinner are available here.

The Holland Lifelong Learning series explores top issues in conservation, research and science with expert-led discussions geared toward adults. The series is generously underwritten by Mary and Mason Holland and will return in the fall of this year.


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