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Did he propose? Yaaaay! Heart cheers girl! Now, I’d like you to attend the bridal expo near me. Trust me, you’d get everything exquisitely weddings. Check here!

The bridal expo near me is the legendary and awe-inspiring Charleston bridal show. You deserve to be at this show because you will get all you need as you plan your wedding. You don’t have to feel confused or overwhelmed with getting the perfect dress for yourself.

The Charleston bride is a drop-dead gorgeous sight for sore eyes any time, any day. Charleston will hold bridal expo 2019, which you so cannot miss. Get your girls and mom ready, note down expo dates, and make your prince drool!

But first, do you know what a bridal expo is? Let’s find out.

Bridal Expo

The bridal expo is the place to look to for you need inspirations for a wedding. It is the spot for a gathering of the best wedding planning professionals in the industry. An event where everything about wedding planning takes place. It is a place where you catch up with stylish trends in-vogue and experience the best wedding services. You get to see the best wedding companies that matter.

The Charleston wedding expo is for brides to be, bridesmaids, wedding vendors, photographers, jeweler makers, and dress designers. There is a lot to gain from attending a wedding expo. You will get the best bargains for jaw-dropping dresses and accessories at the event. Enjoy fashion shows, win prizes, take home sample products, and go on a tasting spree.

I mean, what makes it a great bridal expo, if there is no abundance of wedding cakes to taste. Cakes created by the hands of the best caterers, a chance you don’t get always.

Wedding Show Event Calendar

The bridal show Charleston SC amongst others will hold at the bridal expo near me. There is a long list which spans from March till December. The itinerary is tight and continuous. If you have your wedding planned between now and December, you need to take advantage of this event. As a bride, it is not for you only, your fiancé, mom, and girl gang should come with.

Go and have fun, see new trends, sample and shop. We made the job easier by dropping a calendar below. Take your diary, tick the dates that you find convenient for you. Also, work with areas closest to you. You never know, your dream designers could show up.

Furthermore, be sure to go in comfortable foot wears. It promises to be a long day.

Why I Should Attend Bridal Events?

Bridal shows are full of fantastic experience which prove valuable to your wedding plan. At events, such as Charleston wedding expo 2019, you’d get the best of the wedding industry. But if you are still skeptical; here are a few reasons why you should attend:-

  • Save more money on an item on a show only deals offers. Wedding expos tend to give items at cut down prices peculiar to the event. This is your best opportunity to get exactly things you need at cut down rates.
  • Meet people. Attending a bridal expo, especially one in your locale is fun. You will meet other brides, wedding planners, and professionals. Meeting them, you’d gain more insight and rub minds about what you want for your wedding.
  • Get free professional consultation by attending a bridal expo. You may feel that you have it all figured out until you talk to a consultant. They have seen it all and know what gives. That idea which sounds so great may-be 1960-ish to a consultant. How about how many centerpieces for your hall? Get a professional to put you through.
  • Walking from store to boutique, just to get your ideal items is so stressful. Get them all in one place at the wedding expo. The rewarding part is that you’d only get the best of the best!
  • Win show only prices for brides and couples. This may be through raffles or online draws. Also, get sample gifts of items which you love. That may be the only chance you get.
  • Update yourself on current trends in the wedding industry. Discover things you never saw or knew you needed. Enjoy exclusive fashion shows and pick out your dream gowns. Take pictures, lots of pictures and enjoy yourself.

Upcoming Bridal Shows near Charleston In 2019

If you missed the bridal show which held in market hall Charleston on February 17th, you’re still in luck. Although this bridal expo held by drizzled pear and low country blooms was one of a kind. But there are more to come, from March through December. Find them below.

Known as the event of the year, this is the great bridal expo to be at. Admission is free for the bride, groom, family, and friends. A place to showcase all the modern trends in the wedding industry. Prices are not left out, with the grand prize, for over $5,000.

For every show, there are free wedding gowns to win. You also get to win a 4 days all-inclusive trip to Mexico, Bahamas, and the Dominicans. Enjoy the pleasure of tastings great and exotic cuisines from the best caterers in the industry.

Charleston bridal show gives an opportunity for brides and grooms to see the latest trends in bridal fashion. There are DJs to provide entertainment and options for props and decor. There are exhibitions of photography, cakes, wedding dresses, grooms wears, and more.

There will be over 100 exhibitors, the best of the wedding industry. A show accommodates only 750 guests. It holds biannually, with the first one held on January 27th. The next one is on the 28th of July.

This bridal show hosts mock weddings as a way of linking couples to vendors. They pulled out all the stops and went the whole 9 yards. It is an alternative show, complete with an emotional renew of vows ceremony. They feature all the props and pageantry, including reception, light bites, party and dance. A ticket is $25 only.

This bridal expo which holds at convention Charleston hall is a must attend. The first 600 brides to register, qualify for the grand prize. The first 500 brides’ get cash, plus $200 gift cards for every bride. There is so much to win at this wedding festival.

You also get to see jaw-dropping tabletop designs and platinum wedding themes. Attend the groom’s expo, and wedding workshop sections to get hot fashion.

Tickets are 8USD online and 10USD at the door. You also get to win VIB bags at a value of over $600.

The goal is to create a magnificent wedding experience bound by culture. T.Rose bridal expo is a unique custom boutique show with a touch of international expertise. They feature the best wedding big wigs from 10 cities over America. These professionals will see you one to one to help plan your fairy tale wedding.

There is a lot of food, fashion, fun and great prices to win. Tickets are $15 offline and $10 online. If you want to enter for the Bahamas destination cruise, it’s $275 per head, plus $50 VIP ticket.

Legends in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. They have been in business for quite a while. With recognition over the country, including Martha Stewart show. They host exquisite bridal expos.

Admission is free for you and your guests. Enjoy great entertainment and fashion show of gowns, and formal wears. Watch the best professionals exhibit their best products and services.

You can also win an 8 day, 7 nights honeymoon and other prices.

This is a place for smart resale, wedding coordination, and bridal rentals. Here, you get to find pre-used decor and high trend reception items at the cheapest prices. Meet the best vendors and get your wedding items and wedding day coordination at the cheapest prices. Admission is free and they hold wedding shows through the year for brides and grooms.

To get the best floral designs, and table decor, visit this bridal expo. They feature more than 100 top professionals, including your favorites. Enjoy insightful wedding trends and a bridal Fashion Week with treats from caterers and designers.

You also stand the chance to win honeymoon, photography, venue, catering and wedding planning for free.


Bridal Expo Tips for You

A bridal expo is the height of fun for a person well prepared. But could be the opposite of you aren’t. Below are so tips to guide you through the best wedding expo you’d ever attend.

  • Bring complimentary cards which bear your name, wedding date, and email. This will save you the stress of writing this information down, a hundred times over.
  • Wear flat comfortable pair of shoes. You’d do a lot of scouting, walking around, carrying and lifting. If your shoes hurt, your day is over.
  • Create a new email and get a new phone number for the sake of the Expo. If you use your personal mail and number, best believe there’s no more sleep for you. It is best you have some control over events by routing your calls and emails to new ones.
  • Buy your tickets online. You will escape the long queues and get discounts early.
  • Eat something light and get some water on the go. This is to avoid getting dehydrated at the Expo.
  • Attend with a budget and plan in mind. Know what you’re looking for and you will save a lot of scouting time.
  • Go with people who love shopping with you. People who will give you support and not whine your ears away.
  • Take pictures of the things you saw and love. You could refer to them when the news arises.
  • Keep in touch with your best and favorite vendors. Contact them early, even before they contact you. They could be-overbooked before you know it. A loss for you.
  • Get ready to be well wowed. You will see trends, designs, and methods you’ve never seen. Keep an open mind and absorb the ones that appeal to you. Enjoy yourself all the way.


The bridal expo near me specializes in giving brides and grooms their best day. From the wedding planning to photography, catering, and decor, you get the best. All the professionals are in their element for the day. Free consultations and even huge prices, such as honeymoon getaways are a part of the day. And if you desire to be a Charleston bride, follow our Charleston bridal expo calendar. You’d be the cynosure of all eyes and have your dream wedding. Bridal stores in Charleston SC make sure of that!

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