Miller Gallery to Host "Works on Paper" Opening Reception in April

By: Dunbar

Join Miller Gallery on April 5th from 5 pm to  8 pm for the opening reception of "Works on Paper," an exhibit by regional artists Teresa Roche, Marina Dunbar, and Dixie Purvis. This exhibit runs through April 29, 2019.

Today, paper is viewed as humanity’s canvas. A napkin at a coffee shop, the edges of a notebook, or the back of a water bill can be transformed into a work of art. Paper has a long and storied history. Invented around the beginning of the first century, paper allowed for the free-flowing of ideas across the globe. What used to be carved in stone or painted on stationary surfaces can now be shared with the masses.

Dixie Purvis, Teresa Roche, and Marina Dunbar have each formulated unique ways of using paper as a mode of sharing their abstracted paintings. Greenville’s Teresa Roche embraces negative space, juxtaposing vacancy with playful swooshes of color and line work. Charleston local artist Marina Dunbar uses the barely-absorbent surface of yupo paper to celebrate the transparency of her organic, fluid watercolor paintings. Atlanta-based artist Dixie Purvis took a moment to stray from her iconic birch panel surfaces and created a body of lustrous oil paintings on 300-lb watercolor paper.


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