AFFA Announces Launch of 2019 Trans Love Fund Grant Cycle

The Trans Love Fund, a program of the Alliance For Full Acceptance (AFFA), today announced the launch of its Spring 2019 grant cycle to award small, need-based grants to support transgender lives in South Carolina. The cycle launched today and applications will be due on April 15th.

According to Lambda Legal, transgender people are four times more likely to live in poverty than non-transgender, or cisgender people. Transgender people experience unemployment at twice the rate of the cisgender population, and transgender people of color experience unemployment at more than four times the national rate. Transgender people often incur expenses that non-transgender people do not. These can include things like medical care (doctor's visits, medications), legal fees (name changes, gender marker changes), counseling costs, and the cost of new clothing. Many transgender people lack access to basic necessities like rent, food, and transportation.

The ultimate goal of Trans Love Fund is to finance the cost of any goods and services relevant to supporting the lives of transgender people in South Carolina. At this time, Trans Love Fund is not funding surgeries, revolving debt (ie: credit card bills), or vehicle purchases. Trans Love Fund can only issue checks to vendors, not individual applicants.

Applications are available online at

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