How writing services help to improve students’ education

High school and college students often find themselves extremely overwhelmed. Seeing no options, they turn to writing services to help with homework. Despite the teachers’ certainty that using hired help is a sign of laziness, for the right person, it is a learning opportunity in itself.

Our teachers always underline that we must demonstrate what we have learned from textbooks and lectures. In STEM, it is predictable - there are problems to solve. In other subjects, students are told to produce reports, essays and other types of written assignments. They are expected to write grammatically correct, logical pieces. These essays also must showcase their ability to analyze facts. Basically, students are writing to learn. In an ideal world, students should be able to do all this. But in reality, such homework is a huge problem. Sometimes the problem is so big that students outsource the tasks to professional essay writers.

Why do students use writing services?

While certain writing skills are expected at college, they are not taught equally to different people. As a consequence, young people are placed in a difficult position of doing something they sincerely do not know how to do. Adding to their frustration is the fact that writing and researching are extremely time-consuming and can interfere with other, equally complex assignments. International students forced to write in a foreign language and abide by the previously unknown standards are experiencing even more pressure and frustration that locals. All this leads to the inevitable conclusion - the person tries to hire someone else to do his work.

Help is at hand - but can this be truly called helping?

Not every academic learner tries asking for help from writing services. There are specific groups that regularly turn for this type of help. And they certainly get what they need: usually, such businesses hire educated experts that can assist struggling people of all types of tasks. They research and edit. Usually, those businesses hire people with doctoral or Masters degrees with vast experience. In the eyes of an overwhelmed student, they are a godsend that can save him or her for a modest fee. The teachers that accept the work do not think so.

To cheat or not to cheat - that is the question.

Most teachers do not like when students hire someone to write their papers. That is understandable - the papers are assigned to test the student’s knowledge and skills. Obviously, presenting work done by someone else does not in any way replace a real student achievement. On the other hand, the professors are at fault themselves. How many of you have noticed that they are completely separated from reality, assigning enormous tasks? And having high load themselves, teachers are not available to provide help either. It is true that someone would hire a writer out of pure laziness, but some students are forced to cheat to survive at school because they lack other options.

Sometimes cheating cannot be avoided

There are cases when turning for writing help is inevitable:

- You are an international student, and English is not your first language;
- You are given a task that you were not prepared for at your previous school;
- You are forced to juggle complex subjects along with other responsibilities;
- You are STEM-oriented and feel more comfortable around formulas and figures than words.

In all those cases, samedayessay writers are ready to help. But there are ways to use that help for your own good - and we do not mean grades. We mean self-improvement.

Outsourcing homework as a learning experience.

There is a bright, useful side of using paid services. Here are several examples:

- By hiring a paid writer, you will be able to see for yourself which is better: to spend time learning to write or to spend time trying to pay for the order;

- By using editing services instead of writing ones, you will get the assistance of an expert that will truly help you improve your skills;

- By reading the completed paper, you can pick up tips and understand what writing an essay is about;

- Remember that most paid writers are likely teachers or academics. Teacher writing is different from yours, more mature. So - rewrite your paper in your own voice. You may find yourself itching to add your own opinion, making the paper truly original.

There is excellent advice out there as to how to use this opportunity for learning. Apply it - and become better!

Of course, it is much better to do your own homework by yourself. You review everything you have learned, make your brain cells work. At the end of an exhausting week before the submission deadline, you will be proud of all the effort. But if time constraints or a language barrier force you to turn for help - turn it all around. Make it a learning opportunity despite everything. You are sure to benefit from it in the long run - and your grades, too!

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Susan Wallace has always had a special place in her heart for the written word. Taking a double degree in medieval studies and marketing, she paired practicality with passion. She has worked as a mentor for
many struggling students to help them achieve their goals.

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