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10 Research Paper Topics To Write About in 2019

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All college going students eventually have to write a research paper on a given topic to be evaluated on a number of aspects. Research papers are academic activities that will let a student gauge if they have honed different academic skills and abilities such as;


  1. Research skills
  2. Ability to gather, analyze and represent data
  3. Practical solutions to help solve scientific concerns
  4. An approach towards their perception of knowledge.


There are important measures that a student should adhere to in order to come up with the best copy for a research paper topic. In case you are true with yourself and know that’s nearly impossible for you: check Copycrafter.net research paper writing service.


1) Topics addressing the Environment


  • Is Global warming fact or fiction
  • What are the expected climate changes in the next decade
  • Preserving the wild nature
  • How to provide the world with clean drinking water
  • Simple ways to recycle effectively every day
  • What do we know about the endangered species
  • Is it time to consider alternative energy sources?
  • How to effectively reduce air pollution
  • How destructive is ocean pollution?
  • Global warming and how we can stop it.


2) Technology


  • What next after the internet?
  • Is there a future for virtual reality?
  • Is cloud storage safe? Discuss
  • What you should know about Artificial Intelligence
  • How Steve Jobs revolutionized technology
  • Machine learning. Programming machines to perform nonprogrammed tasks
  • Is the world ready for Blockchain technology?
  • Augmented Reality (AR) vs Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Smart cities. The future of modern living


3) Education


  • Reevaluating teacher education programs
  • Gender-based differences in schooling
  • Understanding and development of special school systems
  • The Practice of early education
  • Approaches and motivations in education
  • How to promote the culture of reading
  • Pros and cons of a school dress code
  • How to improve safety in schools
  • How Higher education differ in different countries
  • Flaws in modern education


4) Research Ideas on Business topics


  • -Discrimination in business places
  • Sexual abuse and how to handle it at work
  • Laws of taxation and how small businesses suffer more
  • Effective time management
  • Analogies of Google and Facebook winning strategies.
  • The concept of wages in the modern world
  • Role of social media in modern business
  • Conflict management and resolution in workplaces
  • Should corporate crimes attract the death penalty
  • Development of leadership. Learning or Practice?


5) Legal matters research topics.


  • How to administer a fair punishment for sex crimes
  • How does religion impact the law
  • Marriages and divorce what it means
  • Limitations of immunity
  • Family laws, of adoption and parentage
  • Should prostitution be legalized and taxed commercially?
  • The attitude of the world towards abortion.
  • Legal solutions for Crime against humanity the world over
  • International laws on the fight against terrorism


6) Health-related topics


  • Mental health, the remedy for a happy society.
  • Can fats have positive effects?
  • Extremes of obesity and how to cope with it.
  • Dangers of living with anorexia.
  • Should Euthanasia be classified as assisted suicide?
  • Facts and myths about birth control.
  • Why the world needs compulsory vaccination.
  • Ways to reduce alcohol consumption among the youth
  • Damage of tobacco to our minds and bodies
  • Early prevention as a cure for Alzheimer’s.


7) Research idea on social matters


  • Diverse Middle East Ethnicities.
  • Impact of sports in a society
  • The necessity of tolerance in modern society
  • How to diagnose and eliminate anxiety
  • Impact of social media in the world today.
  • Evolution of Bullying in the 21st century.
  • Discrimination of women in the modern world.
  • How the internet has revolutionized relationships.
  • How to handle gender differences in modern workplaces
  • Global citizenry and what it means


8) Religion-based topics


  • Justification of crimes under religion.
  • Differences and similarities of world religions.
  • Sexual abuse in the church today.
  • How different religions tackle oppression.
  • What is the popular religion today?
  • What do you know about agnosticism?
  • How are new religions formed in today’s world?
  • Atheism as a form
  • The distinction between politics and religion.
  • Influence of religion on health


9) Trending topics on politics


  • Who are the leading advocates of the world’s terrorism?
  • Is America ready to impeach Donald Trump ready?
  • How fragile is the friendship between South and North Korea?
  • Eliminating dictators from legal matters
  • What are conflicts within the EU?
  • The conflict and influence on Ukraine global policy.
  • Are refugees the major threat in the 21st century?
  • How will Brexit influence the economy of Europe?
  • How divergent ways to win the fight against racism.
  • Should Russia be considered a threat to world peace?


10) Topics related to culture


  • How did Harry Potter’s universe influence teenagers?
  • What is the impact of reality shows in modern society?
  • Who are the best music artists of last year?
  • Impact of celebrities on the modern world?
  • Is YouTube a modern place to find anything?
  • Why Chinese culture is gaining the world’s interest?
  • Role of comic book heroes in modern society.
  • Social diversity in Hollywood.
  • What separates talent from real performers?
  • What you need to know about Instagram.
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