Hardscoop Distillery Drops Peach Sorbet at Stores throughout South Carolina

Hardscoop Distillery, the local innovators of 16 proof alcohol ice cream, now have Peach Sorbet available in stores. The flavor is made with local South Carolina peaches and neutral grain spirits that is perfect for the summer.

It’s 21 proof, which is more than a glass of wine and the equivalent of a high gravity beer. The flavor is available year-round in limited quantities, but is now available everywhere Hardscoop Distillery ice creams can be found throughout South Carolina.

Some of the Charleston locations you can find the new ice cream in include:

  • Mercantile & Mash
  • Elliotborough Mini Bar
  • Mixon
  • Country Club of Charleston
  • Burbages
  • Bottles
  • Boone Hall Farms Market
  • Harris Teeter locations

“Peach Sorbet is one of our favorite flavors because it’s so refreshing and we know people will really enjoy it as the weather warms up,” Jason Kirby, president of Hardscoop Distillery, said. “We refined the sorbet over time to have the level of alcohol content that it has without jeopardizing the flavor and we love supporting our local farms by using only South Carolina peaches."

You can learn more about the local company on their website.

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