Top 5 Colleges to Apply to in Charleston, South Carolina in 2019

A list of academic institutions in Charleston, South Carolina to consider for your preferred study program at the tertiary level

5 Best Tertiary Institutions to consider for Application in Charleston, SC in 2019

Most people perceive tertiary education as the most viable avenue towards their desired careers. Consequently, students and their parents begin searching for suitable institutions early enough to ensure they complete the application process in time. If you are considering to continue your education in Charleston, South Carolina, here are a few top institutions in the area.

College of Charleston

This public institution was established in 1770. Although it focuses on liberal arts, a number of its undergraduate programs, which include science, history, and mathematics, have been commended by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. It is located on an urban setting on a 52-acre campus with about 9,895 students currently in various programs that include Arts, Education, Business and Economics, Sciences and Mathematics, and Humanities and Social Sciences. As a new student, you will choose between living in a residence hall or a historic downtown home that is owned by the university. It is moderately difficult to gain entrance as it has an acceptance rate of 80%.

Charleston Southern University

The institution was established in 1964 by Baptists to have an additional college in the Lowcountry. Currently, it has grown to become one of the largest independent universities that provide thousands of students with the opportunity to pursue numerous undergraduate, graduate, and online programs.
Average classrooms hold 20 students with a student-faculty ratio of 14 to 1. It is ideal if you would want to pursue majors such as Psychology, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Health and Physical Education, Biology and Biological Sciences, and Nursing. As a student, you can participate in student clubs and NCAA sporting events. Also, the institution is in the middle of the city, which means you will be able to explore local culture, history, and culinary offerings.

Trident Technical College

The institution was founded in 1973 following a merger of two existing colleges. It stands out among the alternatives due to the massive variety of study programs that include numerous transfer and technical associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas. You can choose programs in broad divisions such as Culinary Arts, Health Sciences, Aeronautical Studies, Child Studies, and Business Technology. And if you want to buy custom essay services to guarantee good grades, you should think twice because this institution has zero tolerance for acts of cheating.

The community college provides you with an opportunity to develop skills that today’s employers find more than useful. You will benefit from a combination of personal attention, practical learning, and first-class instruction in your program that will equip you for success.

Citadel Military College of South Carolina

This military college was established in 1842, and it is currently located on a 300-acre campus. It constitutes five battalions and 21 companies of cadets who are guided by the core values such as honor, duty, and respect. The college does not specialize in one military branch; thus, you can consider it if you wish to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. The institution offers about 70 programs and is particularly appealing if you wish to pursue majors such as Business, Engineering, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Education, and Social Sciences. As a cadet, you are required to seek permission to leave campus, cannot have alcohol on campus, and have to reside on campus. Therefore, you will have military experience throughout your student life and can choose to commit to military service.

Medical University of South Carolina

The educational institution was established in 1824 and has since grown tremendously from a small private medical college to one of the country’s top academic health science school, which is ranked based on various indicators of excellence.
You should consider the institution if you are interested in programs and courses that will enable you to attain a degree at the bachelor, masters, or doctorate level in such areas as dental medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and medicine. The public university is located in an urban setting, which makes it primarily a commuter campus. The institution has a medical center, which means you will benefit from many insights in the most recent advancements in medicine and pioneering research and technology.


Charleston is a preferred tourist destination with a high number of beaches, hotels, restaurants, and plantations. Apart from the tourism industry, other major industries include vehicle and aircraft manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Consequently, there are thousands of jobs available in the area for individuals with the right skills. You should consider the various top tertiary institutions highlighted here based on your preferences as they will open up an opportunity to start or advance your career. Pursuing your academic program of choice in one of the educational institutions in Charleston will provide you with a chance to get a job in leisure and hospitality, production, administration, sales, and education among others.

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