AFFA Producing Video Series on Transgender Community

The Alliance For Full Acceptance (AFFA) is partnering with Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Barnhardt and fellow cinematographer Cory Fallows to produce a video series to tell the stories of local transgender community members.

Statistics show 80 percent of non-LGBT Americans say they know someone who is lesbian, gay or bisexual, and 20 percent of Americans know someone transgender (Harris Poll 2018). In response to this statistic and the impetus for this project, Alliance For Full Acceptance Executive Director Chase Glenn said, “AFFA’s work in the past has shown us that when someone knows a person, hears their story, and is able to put a face and a name to particular identity or experience, it can make a real difference in their thoughts and opinions about particular issues. We want to help create visibility for the local trans community. We aren’t looking to focus on stories of trauma, but rather celebrate this community and share their stories of triumph, empowerment and resilience.”

When asked about his involvement in the project, John Barnhardt said, “We want to be a key part in helping normalize transgender individuals in today’s society. We want to use the skill set we have to give people a direct connection with this important part of our culture. We are all one. Let’s make sure we know that together.”

The video series is set to be released in Summer 2019.

If you are transgender or gender nonconforming, live in the Charleston area, and are interested in participating in this project, please reach out to AFFA at [email protected].


The Alliance for Full Acceptance (AFFA) is a social justice organization that strives to achieve equality and acceptance for the Lowcountry area LGBTQ community, through support, advocacy and education with businesses, schools, service providers and government organizations. Established in 1998, AFFA has over 1,600 donor/members and is headquartered in Charleston, SC. For more information visit:


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