Local Woman Creates App that Connects Fans with Musicians

Whenever Charleston resident Ashley Veach was out enjoying live music at a local bar, or watched a musician busking in the streets, she realized there was something missing - most people don't carry cash and are unable to tip the performers. So Veach created an app called GroupE, which provides a way for fans to support and connect with local musicians.

The app allows fans to:

  • Tip musicians
  • Request songs
  • View musician's social media, bio, pics, show dates, music, merchandise, and more
  • Add musician's gigs to their phone calendars and get notifications
  • Purchase merchandise
  • Book performers
  • The app includes a map of your city, which you can search by music genre to find live local music

GroupE takes 10% of anything given and then gives half of that to music in the underdeveloped school systems for things like band equipment, uniforms, and more.

You can download the app below:

For more information, visit www.groupeapp.com


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