Bulldog Now Offering Tours of Magnolia Cemetery


The Magnolia Cemetery Trust Board recently granted Bulldog Tours exclusive access to the beautiful Victorian burial grounds for evening tours - a privilege never before granted. This partnership will allow the Trust to gather funds for critical preservation efforts throughout the 130+ acre plot of land. 

Bulldog Tours invests a portion of all ticket proceeds back into the properties they tour, ensuring that historically significant landmarks, structures, and sites, integral to Charleston’s charm and visitor appeal, are preserved for future generations to enjoy. Founded by Charleston native and Citadel graduate John LaVerne in 2001, Bulldog Tours has raised more than $3.7 million for the restoration and preservation of the Old City Jail, Circular Church’s graveyard, Old Exchange, Powder Magazine – and now Magnolia Cemetery.

Given its waterfront location and constant exposure to the elements, ongoing maintenance of Magnolia Cemetery’s centuries-old monuments and headstones is critical to the property’s preservation. In fact, the cemetery is currently on the Preservation Society of Charleston’s list of Seven To Save, an outreach program designed to preserve vulnerable historic and cultural resources in the Charleston area.

“Our company offers a glimpse into nearly every nook and cranny in downtown Charleston and second to The Battery, Magnolia Cemetery is the most beautiful," LaVerne said. "I’ve dreamt of offering tours here since writing my business plan over 17 years ago. We’re dedicated to preserving this place, and to approaching our tours with the utmost respect for those who are at rest here.”

The 90-minute evening tours are being offered at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. During the months of June, July, and October, the tours will be available on weekdays as well.


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