Rep. Cunningham Statement on Release of Redacted Mueller Report

Today, Rep. Joe Cunningham released the following statement on the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report:

“One thing is abundantly clear, Russia carried out a coordinated campaign to manipulate the 2016 presidential election and undermine our democracy.

It is evident that General Barr mischaracterized material conclusions reached by the special counsel in his summary released to the public on March 24th. As attorney general, his responsibility is to enforce the law and his obligation is to the American people, not the President. His actions in handling the rollout of the special counsel’s report do not inspire confidence that he is acting in the best interests of the country.

I am also deeply troubled by the multiple occasions detailed in the special counsel’s report where the President and his associates attempted to undermine the special counsel’s investigation. The American people deserve more from their public officials and Congress has a Constitutional duty to provide oversight and accountability. Going forward, Congress should hear directly from Special Counsel Mueller. Outside of protecting national security or ongoing criminal investigations, Congress and the American public must be given as much information as possible on this matter.

The integrity of our democratic institutions is an issue that transcends partisan lines, and Congress should work together to restore faith in our democracy and ensure interference from a hostile state does not happen in future elections.”

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