Public Invited to Dutch Dialogues Charleston Discussion & Review

The Historic Charleston Foundation, the City of Charleston, and numerous community partners have launched Dutch Dialogues Charleston, a collaborative effort involving national and international water experts working alongside local teams to evaluate and conceptualize a Living with Water future.

What is the Dutch Dialogue Process? Here's what the official website says:

"Over 800 years of living at the water’s edge make the Dutch experts in water adaptation. Flooding cannot be 'fixed;' however as the Dutch have learned, risk can be reduced. Their approach combines integrated planning with urban landscape design."

The initial, knowledge-sharing phase of Dutch Dialogues Charleston, called Colloquium, will convene stakeholders to identify and connect related efforts, assemble project teams and discuss four key study areas: Church Creek, the Cooper Bridge Redevelopment area (Vardell’s and New Market Creek area), Johns Island, and the Lockwood Corridor, and initiate the development of a comprehensive, collective and strategic approach to flood mitigation in these high-threat areas.

The Colloquium’s purpose is to create a shared understanding and direction for the Dutch Dialogues Charleston Workshop scheduled for July.

The public are invited to a post-Colloquium discussion and review that will cover progress made during the sessions and next steps, an overview of Dutch Dialogues Charleston’s approach and insight from some of the world’s foremost urban planners. The event will take place at 5:30 pm on Thursday, May 2nd at The Cedar Room in The Cigar Factory (701 East Bay St. No. 200).

Click here for more info on the discussion. To learn more about the project, visit

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