Sellers Joins SC for Ed Rally at State House, Addresses Teachers and Supporters


Former State Representative Bakari Sellers joined more than 4,000 teachers and supporters at the State House today in demanding improvements to South Carolina’s public schools. Speaking from the State House steps, Sellers encouraged the protestors, saying that their efforts are essential to the future of education in South Carolina.

“Every student in South Carolina deserves to learn from teachers who are focused on them," Sellers said. "Unfortunately, they can't always focus on our students' needs when they're overworked and underpaid and forced to manage crowded classrooms, but are expected to prepare our students for what seem like endless testing requirements. By gathering to demand justice for students and teachers, our educators are not only working to improve public education in South Carolina, they are also demonstrating the values that we want to teach our students.”

Sellers participated in the rally as a part of his ongoing work with the Opportunity Project of South Carolina, an organization focused on reducing long-standing opportunity gaps across four quality-of-life areas in South Carolina: healthcare, education, technology, and civic engagement. Committed to providing more than a “minimally adequate” education to students across the state, the Opportunity Project works with partners throughout the state to improve access to quality education for all students.

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