The High Divers Announce New EP, Share First Single

The High Divers (Photo by Joelle Rosen)

Charleston-based Americana band The High Divers have announced a June 7th release of their latest EP Ride With You, and have shared the first single and video from the release.

The EP was recorded at East Nashville’s Jeremy Ferguson-owned Battle Tapes Studio and was produced by Sadler Vaden.

“Sadler wanted us to really focus on songs that were entwined with our lives and real experiences, which got us writing from a much deeper level," the band said via a press release. "There are songs about losing friends to suicide, trying to live with gratitude while struggling with PTSD, abusive relationships, busting out of your close-minded hometown, and finding peace falling in love with yourself and someone new. We would play Sadler a bunch of songs, and then we’d play one that was really close to our chest, and he’d say, 'Why didn’t you play me that one first, that’s the song!'. We were hiding from songs that felt too vulnerable and raw, while that’s exactly what he was looking for.”

The band consists of the married Luke (vocals, guitar) and Mary Alice Mitchell (keyboards, vocals), Julius DeAngelis (drums), and Kevin Early (bass, vocals). Their next local show is scheduled for June 7th at the Charleston Pour House.

You can watch the video for "Ride with You" below.


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