Representative Cunningham Introduces Amendment Funding Expansion of Joint Base Charleston Nuclear Power Training School

Rep. Joe Cunningham yesterday announced that he introduced an amendment to the disaster relief supplemental package to be considered by the House later this week that would restore funding for the expansion of the nuclear power training school on Joint Base Charleston. 

The Air Force requires $270 million in supplemental funding to repair air force bases damaged by recent hurricanes and flooding. If the Air Force does not receive this funding, it will result in fund diversion from 61 projects in 18 states, including the expansion of the nuclear power training school. The Cunningham Amendment would provide the Air Force with the necessary supplemental funding to avoid diversion from critical military projects.

It is one of two such schools in the country, and will be the only nuclear school from 2020-2022 when the other school at Ballston Spa, NY, closes for maintenance.

“The operational success and readiness of our Navy is dependent on highly trained crews," Rep. Cunningham said. "The Lowcountry is one of only two places in the nation that teaches students the highly-technical skills needed to operate and maintain our nuclear-powered, naval fleet The expansion of Goose Creek’s nuclear power training school is just one of the critical military construction projects across the country that could be up for grabs if we do not provide the Air Force sufficient funds. I am proud to introduce this amendment and I urge my colleagues to offer their support.”

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