Local Company Launches Product that Helps Clean Out Litter Boxes

Local company Kindale Brands recently announced that their latest product, Litter Kitties, will be launching this summer on Amazon, Kickstarter, and kindalebrands.com.

Litter Kitties, which has already received coverage in Modern Cat Magazine, was created to improve a chore cat owners face every day - cleaning out the litter box.

Typically, cat owners hold open a bag with one hand, while clumsily scooping litter with the other. Inevitably, dirty litter gets all over the floor. Litter Kitties aims to solve this problem by providing a stable base for the litter box and a pair of secure connection points for a disposable bag. The product holds the bag open, so the cat owner's hands are free.

You can learn more about Litter Kitties on the Kindale Brands website.

Jim Kindley and Dale Williams said they launched Kindale Brands on April 1st, 2018 to create products "that improve everyday life with functionality and whimsy." Their first product was the “Bar Bell,” a weighted beverage koozie.

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