Craft Conundrum Closing After Five Years of Serving West Ashley

Craft Conundrum last night announced on Facebook that they would be closing after business on Saturday, June 8th.

You can read the craft beer store's full announcement below:

"Thank you all for a wonderful 5 YEARS! When we set out on this journey, we never imagined the relationships we would cultivate, the stories we would live to tell and the fun we would have. Here we are, FIVE YEARS later and man it’s been a wild ride. Every ride must end and we’ve chosen to end on a high note. With that said, our final night will be this Saturday, June 8th. We hope you’ll come by and share a beer, a story or a hug. We’ve seen so many friends find their own successes with new brick & mortars, and we couldn’t be prouder for all of our friends. While it’s a bittersweet announcement, we’re excited about what lies ahead for our family. We are proud to have shared delicious brews and conversation with each of you, and we hope to see you over a pint again soon. Thank you all for your support and love over the years. We love you all more than you can imagine. Until next time, may your glasses be clean and your brews be tasty. Cheers!"

Craft Conundrum is located at 630 Skylark Dr. in Suite A.


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