Things to Be Taken Care While Buying an Electric Smoker

There are a variety of spices that add flavour to our dishes, making them tasty and pleasurable for the family and guests. But if you need to prepare a healthy and delicious meal, nothing works better than infusing flavour into your beef, pulled pork, ram chops and salmon among other foods. While you can accomplish this with the regular grill smokers, an electric smoker is more convenient for the best results. Besides, they are easy to use and no stress of looking for wood and charcoal or need to monitor your food for hours.

Whether you are a bbq lover or professional chef seeking to be the champion in any contest, an electric smoker is undoubtedly a valuable device for your kitchen. However, with too many options in the market today, selecting the best device for your smoking needs is not easy. You need to consider a number of features to choose an electric smoker that does the job perfectly for you. If you are considering buying an electric smoker here are our top recommendations at

No matter your pick, there are a few things that you should pay attention to when purchasing an electric smoker.

What to Look for When Shopping for Electric Smokers

  1. Size/ Capacity

Electric smokers come in different sizes and capacity limits. You need to consider buying a unit that perfectly fits in your available space. The good thing is that electric smokers can be used both indoors and outdoors, but it advisable to have the dimension of the space where you want to place the device and ensure that your choice is suitable for space.

Another thing you need to take care of is the capacity limit as it determines the amount of meat you can smoke at a go. If you are a party animal, you need to get a smoker with a larger smoking and storage capacity. However, if you just need a unit to prepare a meal for your small family, a low capacity limit would just be fine.

1. The Type of Fuel

Although much of the cooking will be done by the electric heaters, the device needs a few pieces of wood or charcoal to create smoke. Therefore, it is important to consider the type and the amount of fuel the smoker requires and avoid models that use too much wood or charcoal to smoke.


2. Number of Openings

Another important thing to look out for is the number of openings available in the smoker. This is a critical factor as it ensures that excess heat can safely escape the device while maintaining the right level of smoke and temperature for your food. Ensure that the smoker you pick has at least some openings (a cavity) as excess smoke can give your barbecue a bad taste.

3. The Food Trays and Racks

The food trays come in different types and structures. Here are a few things to consider with regards to trays and racks:

  • Material – It is advisable to consider trays made of stainless steel, steel or any other durable material that can withstand heat from the unit and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Size and arrangement – Go for size and arrangement that can support the different types of food you are buying the system for.
  • Grill vs hollow trays – Grill like trays are always the best for any kind of food as it ensures perfect cooking and also leaves some smoke rings which give the food an appetizing look.
  • Foiling – Check for proper foiling above the grills to prevent smoke from escaping and also avoid spilling meat fat or other spices on the grill.


4. Other Features and Accessories

You should also consider additional features and accessories such as temperature control features and additional replacement food trays. For the best smoking experience, you may also need to check for:

  • Power and energy efficiency.
  • Cooking options.
  • Storage space and tool hooks.
  • Warranty and customer support.


An electric smoker is such a useful device in any modern kitchen. You need to spend your time to check for the above elements to ensure that you get a unit that offers the best service than the rest. You electric smoker should not only be built to last and offer maximum control, but also be worth your investment.

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