CBD On A Budget

From reducing pain to easing anxiety, CBD oil is sought after for many reasons. Ideally, those who use CBD medicinally take a dose daily, sometimes even twice (or thrice!) a day.

With a 30-milileter tincture averaging $40 - $75, your CBD habit might break the bank!

Why is CBD so darn expensive?

Price Tag on CBD

High quality CBD equals a higher price tag! And whatever you’re putting into or onto your body, you want to ensure it’s the best, right?

But what makes CBD higher quality, anyway?

Here are a couple reasons why CBD is a bit pricey:

  • Extraction method – CBD oil that you want should be using the CO2 extraction method. This machine costs up to two million dollars, so of course the price of anything touching that equipment automatically becomes pricier to the consumer- they’ve got to pay for that machine somehow!
  • Where is the cannabis sourced from? The highest quality cannabis is sourced from the US or European countries, and it’s organic. Generally, organic products are more expensive because they take more time to grow. You know that famous rap song is true – time is money!
  • Third party testing – reputable vendors hire third parties to lab test their CBD products before buying. They ensure the safety of CBD products and that they pass all of the valuable tests before people consume them! Of course, this adds to the price tag of your trustworthy product as well.

What to Look for Before you Buy

Keeping these reasons why CBD has the price tag it does in mind, it’s important you don’t opt for a cheaper CBD oil that strips the benefits and is possibly harmful.

Before you buy, check to make sure the price doesn’t compensate quality! We’re not trying to empty your wallet for CBD, but make these things a deal-breaker:

Choose organic! You never want pesky pesticides or additives in your CBD oil.
Full spectrum or isolated CBD? A full spectrum CBD gives you more than just the cannabinoid CBD in it. Expect THC as well as some other cannabinoids, which work wonders together for even more benefits. However, THC is what causes psychoactive, or a “high” affect. Although THC is usually halted at .3%, some people opt for an isolate CBD to avoid THC completely.
Buy from a reputable company! This means if you have any questions about the product, you should be able to ask them questions and receive complete answers.

Or better yet, read reviews and guides about CBD as there are plenty of CBD oils that work with different ailments. For example, if you have insomnia, it’s important that you read reviews to find the most ideal cannabidiol for dozing problems or most commonly known as insomnia. Do this and you’ll be able to make the right purchase at the end of the day.

Less Expensive CBD Options

Finally, below are a few ideas of what forms of CBD you can buy with your pocket change:

  • CBD-infused gummies or caramels
  • CBD derived from hemp rather than marijuana, although this means that a lot more hemp plants were needed to produce the CBD oil
  • A smaller sized tincture
  • CBD-infused soaps
  • Other CBD-infused foods

Overall, there are certainly options of CBD no matter what your budget is, and there you can even opt for weed delivery if you are lazy to run out and get some. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for – and never skimp on the quality of a product to save a few bucks! It’s your body, and it deserves high-quality products.

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