Using The Web To Make A Splash In The Crowded Local Business Pool

In a crowded, competitive city like Charleston, businesses should utilize every marketing resource to stand out, yet even in today’s tech-savvy world, many local entrepreneurs still don’t take the time to publish a promotional website. In fact, a nationwide survey last year found that nearly 40 percent of small businesses do not have a website, yet 85 percent of consumers use the internet to find a local business. So, whether it’s for a nearby barber, a Southern-themed market or a new restaurant in the area, websites are mandatory today to establish legitimacy and create awareness of a business.

Standing Out From The Local Crowd

Chareslton bears the distinction of being named the most difficult place to launch a small business in the U.S. due to exorbitant rent, high taxes and joblessness that permeate the area, with most new ventures floundering before even five years of operation, according to Reward Expert. To grab consumers’ attention in this environment, a business needs a website that establishes their purpose and personality in the marketplace. Having a clear vision of how to represent your business online with integrated keywords to improve search results, dynamic design with compelling calls to action and defining the brand message are all considerations when hiring a web design company.

The Better Business Benefits Of Having A Website

While a social media presence on Facebook or local blogs like Nextdoor can help virally spread the word, each social platform should actively drive curious onlookers to a website where they can learn about your business with greater detail and depth. A website is also a way to connect with active or would-be customers first-hand and collect valuable data that allows the business to interact with web visitors via email or direct mail to share discounts, special event announcements or simply make them feel engaged. You may benefit from hiring a reputable website designer to make your site even better.

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly For Marketing On The Go

In 2016, worldwide mobile internet use surpassed desktop access for the first time, meaning that as mobile use continues to grow, businesses need their design team to also assure their web presence fits properly onto the smaller screen formats of phones and tablets. Many web users today don’t even realize a need to search for a service until they’re on the road and suddenly in need of an auto shop to repair a flat tire or find the closest restaurant to satisfy a sudden hunger pang within the Charleston city limits. By searching on the go, users are looking for websites describing specific services near their current location with helpful overviews, reviews and testimonials to guide them to their best choice.

Promoting a local business through a dedicated website has overtaken most other forms of offline advertising. A clean, intelligently designed online presence gives a local business legitimacy and a free promotional platform to stand above the crowded competition in Charleston. By humanizing and explaining the goods or services offered, a website will be a landing place for both new and returning customers to keep your business prominent and growing.

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