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Entertain Yourself Online with this Awesome Guide

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It’s no secret that in our modern-day and age, technology is taking over everything. Even though our favorite futuristic horror movies tell us it’s a bad thing, that’s not entirely true. I mean, without the beautiful option of surfing the Web, how else will you get through a boring Saturday night in? Or worse, an awfully boring meeting with your boss!

The internet is huge and almost endless. This means that deciding what to do once you open up your Internet browser might take a lot more time than your schedule would like it to. For many of us, surfing the Web can either lead us to great places, like a really interesting article or cute dog videos, or really dark ones. Either way, it definitely ends up being an entertaining way to pass the time.

To get to the point, we’ve made things easier for you. Here are a few ways you could have fun during that night in or that awful meeting:

1. Take Online Quizzes

We don’t mean actual stressful quizzes. We mean those quizzes you could find on BuzzFeed, which tell you what color suits your personality most, or which famous T.V. show represents your life. As silly as they may seem, these quizzes are actually one of the top and most entertaining things the Web has to offer!

2. Play Games

Online games are one of the most entertaining ways you could spend your free time. Getting lost in a gaming world or in adventures and missions is fun, relaxing and even useful sometimes. You could also try your luck at a little bit of online casino games. Games created by agen judi online will not only provide entertainment but will also give you the chance to win a few extra bucks. This is definitely one of those options you can’t do during a work meeting, though. (Or maybe you can?)


3. Create and Run a Blog

Making a blog is a quick and easy way to express yourself online. Whatever your interests are, you could create and design your personal (or business) website and use it to upload your writings, videos, music, photography, or even more cute dog videos!


4. Try DIY, Well, Anything

One of the most amazing things about the internet is the endless Do-It-Yourself ideas it offers. All the way from making a homemade birthday gift for a loved one, to DIY furnishing your own home, these simple “life hacks” give you the freedom to do anything you want without leaving your doorstep. And, not to mention, without emptying your wallet!


5. Learn a New Skill

Hobbies are fun. We all know that, but sometimes we are also all too lazy to learn new ones. That’s why there are many easy-to-access online websites which offer free sessions on skills like knitting, sketching, or even something as technical as writing code.


6. Tour through Another Country Using Google Street View

If you want to spend a more meaningful time, though, you could actually take a little online trip and try using the Google Street View application to tour through the streets and locations of different countries. Who said you have to get off your couch to visit Paris? Google Street View gives you the chance to virtually walk through any country and its touristic sites.

7. Shop, Shop, Shop!

You could literally buy and sell anything on the internet. From toothpaste to clothes, to animals and even buildings, the internet is your place. Although you would have to be careful because scams are not uncommon in the online world. There are a ton of trusted shopping websites to feed your inner shopaholic whether it’s fashion, food, or home décor.


8. Keep Up with the World

Surf through news sites, watch videos about what’s happening in the world around you and stay overall informed with any new and important events happening worldwide. Staying up-to-date with current events will definitely help you keep up with conversations at your next cocktail mixer!


9. Try Online Dating

If you want to get frisky, you could always try one of the many free online dating sites there are. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life! However, be sure to stay safe when you’re about to meet a potential date; you never know what kind of creeps are out there.


10. Use Social Media

Keep in touch with old and new friends and their updates through social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Maybe even take the time to upload your own news and photos to let your friends know how you’re doing.

11. Plan a Trip

Here you could ignore number 6 and instead of using Google Street View to tour a different country, actually use the Internet to plan your new trip!


12. Scroll through Memes

Websites like 9Gag offer a lot of funny jokes and comics for you to scroll through. Make sure not to laugh in the middle of a meeting, though!


13. Get Inspired

Look through images of beautiful art, photography, sketches or read through poetry and maybe get inspired to create your own. If that happens, you could refer to number 3 and upload it to your blog!


14. Find New Music

If you’re a musician, music-lover, or a person who just likes listening to music sometimes, you can definitely find great (and free) downloadable music online. You can also use music services to keep up with the industry’s newest hits.


15. Learn a New Language

This is definitely one of the more productive things you could do to entertain your free time. It’s a lifelong skill, and through online language learning services, you could get it for free!


16. Watch a Show or Movie

Finally, and most obviously, you could stream a show or movie and watch it online. You could do this alone or with a partner, and you could definitely spend the time binge-watching whichever show you like.


A World of Opportunities

The digital world can be used for so many things that will surely entertain you daily. Make sure to keep this guide handy, and whenever you’re faced with a boring moment don’t hesitate to pull it out and start surfing!

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