Unbelievable Facts About Auto Accidents That You Didn't Know

Every year, more than one million people are killed in auto accidents or road collisions. While nobody ever wants to think that they or a loved one will become one of these statistics, auto accidents happen every day and all around us. Additionally, many people believe that because they are good drivers they could never be in an accident, but this is simply not the case. Sadly, great drivers get into accidents all the time. Of course, the more you know about auto accidents the better you will be at avoiding them. So, to better help you understand auto accidents and their causes, here are a few unbelievable facts about auto accidents.


  • Most Auto Accidents Occur Close To Home
    One of the most surprising facts about auto accidents is that they occur most often near one's home. In fact, in some studies, such as a survey conducted by Esurance, it was found that car accidents are most likely to occur as close as 3 miles from the home. This can be a frightening statistic to many. Often we think of our home as the safest place, however, this may be the place we need to be the most careful while driving.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Are 27 Times Deadlier Than Car Accidents
    While motorcycles are not as popular as cars, motorcycle auto accidents are 27 times deadlier than car accidents. Unfortunately, a motorcycle simply cannot provide the same amount of safety as a full sized vehicle. Should you ever be in a motorcycle accident, this article explains what you should do. Interestingly, because motorcycles are driven less frequently, there are far fewer accidents involving them. However, the few accidents that do happen are often deadly.

  • Men Are Nearly Twice As Likely To Be In An Auto Accident
    Perhaps the most widely agreed upon fact, men are nearly twice as likely to be in an accident than women. There have been a number of studies that have attempted to figure out with this is true. Are men more aggressive? Are they more reckless? Or, perhaps, women are merely safer. The results are inclusive, but the fact remains the same. Drive safe guys!
  • 31% Of Auto Accidents Involve Alcohol
    Sadly, at least 31% of accidents involve the use of alcohol. If this statistic is broadened to include other forms of mind-altering substances, an even larger percentage of accidents are caused by drivers under the influence. Importantly, driving while impaired causes a loss of critical thinking skills, slowed reactions, and an increased sense of recklessness as inhibitions are lower. Never drive while under the influence.
  • 25% Of Auto Accidents Involve Cell Phones
    Similar to the last fact, at least 25% of all auto accidents involve the use of a cell phone by one or both drivers. While it may not always seem like it when driving, cars move very quickly. Even in the short amount of time it takes to compose a brief message or read a short text, your car can travel an incredible distance. Likewise, your vehicle isn't the only one moving fast. Other drives can and will change positions rapidly. If you're not watching the road for even a small moment, that can be all the time it takes to find yourself in danger. Always pay attention while driving!
  • The Most Amount of Auto Accidents Occur On A Saturday
    Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, the most amount of auto accidents occur on a Saturday. Some studies have shown that as many as 19% of all auto accidents happen on this day of the week. Perhaps it is due to an increased amount of traffic, or maybe people are just more impatient on their day off. Whichever is the case, it pays to be extra careful on Saturday. Of course, regardless of the day of the week, you should always be careful when driving. Still, maybe a little extra care is due here.
  • Teens Are The Most Likely People To Be Involved In A Fatal Auto Accident
    Another fact that is sad but true, teens are the most likely people to be involved in a fatal auto accident. Specifically, data supports that those aged 16-20 are at the highest risk. This has been true for a long time, and unfortunately, despite a number of attempts to prevent teen accidents, this number remains high. A number of factors contribute to their increased exposure to risk, including inexperience, driving under the influence, and texting. You may be young, but you're not invincible.

Sadly, auto accidents are just part of the price we pay for the ability to drive. However, the more one understands accidents the better equipped they are to avoid them.

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