Best Comb Over Fade Haircuts for Fashionable Men

You asked for them, and we researched and found them. Here is most fashionable comb over fade haircuts for men this year.

Stylish Comb Over Fade Haircuts for Gents

The comb-over fade is a chic and sophisticated haircut for men, worn by Hollywood icons and royalty. The haircut has existed since the 1920s, and there are no signs of it going anywhere any time soon. However, nowadays, combover incorporates a modern touch for everyone.

Incorporating a contemporary twist like a fade refreshes this vintage haircut with professional tools like forbici da parrucchiere, giving you a fashionable and edgy choice regardless of your hair thickness or length. So, why shouldn’t you give it a shot today? Here we have listed some of the most stylish comb over fade haircuts for modern gents. Scroll down to read more.

Short Comb Over Fade

This one is suitable for guys with short hair. It is a handsome and stylish option. The look is styled by starting with a hard part and then a combover length of the locks to either side. You may also improve the texture if your style by using pomade to give the hair additional oomph and some volume. This is an excellent choice for office men, but you can still rock it in a club or bar.

High Fade Comb Over

Stylish, trendy, and sexy, the high fade combover is a look that is here to remain. The high fade incorporates a gradient that starts quite high to the part of the hair and creates a visible contrast to the hair on top.
Regardless of your hair length, this style is going to work for you. Include a deep part for a traditional feel. To hold the combover in place, ensure you use a strong holding gel while styling it.

Low Fade Comb Over
Contrary to the high fade, the low fade comb over fade starts slightly above the ears. It creates a strong contrast to this haircut, and it is suitable for office guys, though you can wear it to the club at night. If your hair is medium length or even longer, you can rather choose to style it into a slick back or a pompadour or simply leave it as classic combover.

Mid Fade Combover
This comb over fade haircut gives the balance between the high and low fade. Therefore, the fading usually starts at halfway slightly above the neck. Just like a taper, a mid fade provides a gradient of hair, leaving elongated hair at the top. To make it low, maintenance, trim the hair at the top short, and utilise holding gel to keep it intact.
But if you have all the time for maintenance, you can grow out the top hair. This will add some texture to your style. You can also include a hard part to get a vintage feel.

Taper Fade Comb Over
You can choose to taper your hair by keeping it smooth from top to bottom. When compared with the old fade, a taper fade is a bit longer and therefore the best alternative if you want to rock something different. To get a tapered fade, don't utilise clippers rather focus your attention on scissors. Complete your look by brushing your hair to one side and apply a gel to keep it intact throughout the day.

Bald Fade Combover

Same as skin fade, this comb over fade haircut is shaved almost to the skin, but the hair at the top is maintained a little bit longer. This haircut can be styled for any hair length, and you can choose to begin the fading at any length you want.
Whether you choose a low, mid, or high fade, you will have a great hairstyle that turns head for all the good reasons. You can maintain the locks attractive by sleeking the combover using a gel to get a sleek and an office appropriate look.

Skin Fade Comb Over

The manes are kept high on the top and shaved short on the sides. This is the best look for men who work in a professional environment. There is no need to use styling products to get this look. Just a hold gel is all that you need.

Beard and Comb Over

If you are thinking to rock a comb over and you need a style that is more edgy, then you should think about a combination of a comb over and a beard. This combo gives you a surprisingly fashionable and modern look that is ideal for any man. While the beard incorporates a masculine and rugged feel, the comb over offers a refined and gentlemanly look.

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