New Special Exhibition Opens at The Gibbes Museum

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Off Whitby by Beverly

The Gibbes Museum of Art on Friday opened their newest special exhibition, Luminous Landscapes: The Golden Age of British Watercolors. The exhibition of British watercolors will be on display in galleries 2 & 3 of the museum, from June 21st - October 6th, 2019.

“We are delighted to be featuring these beautiful landscapes this summer,” Angela Mack, executive director of the Gibbes Museum of Art, said. “We aim to tell the story of Charleston through art, and many of the British artists featured in this exhibition impacted Lowcountry artists who were among the first American landscape painters.”

This exhibition showcases a selection of works on paper created during the “Golden Age of Watercolor” in the 18th and 19th centuries in England. These romantic landscapes emphasized brilliant colors, loose brushstrokes and attention to light and atmospheric effects. Many of the artists featured in Luminous Landscapes such as John Varley (British, 1778–1842), Paul Sandby (British, 1725–1809) and David Cox Sr. (British, 1783–1859) were instrumental in elevating the status of watercolor painting over the century as it was brought to its full maturity in England and heavily influenced the work of burgeoning Lowcountry artists, Thomas Coram and Charles Fraser.

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