The Conqueror Movement Invites you to Fall in Love with Your Passion

Press Release
The Conqueror Movement returns with their third annual Falling in Love with Your Passion networking experience, kicking off a three day event series June 26, 29th, and 30th.

Falling in Love With Your Passion is a networking sector of The Conqueror Movement, which encourages those who attend to treat their passion like they would a relationship. This year, we thought it would be important to expand on the work we've been able to do within the past couple of years and move from just offering a space to network and take in transparent stories of maintaining a relationship with your passion, but to also begin diving into much of our other values such as activism and education.

This year's Falling In Love With Your Passion line up will include our "What is Masculinity?" live panel discussion based on our newest docuseries on Black masculinity and the impact young millennial men face bearing the weight of things such as responsibilities, relationships, stereotypes and misconceptions. Our annual networking mixer returns with a great line up of guest influencers, local vendors, live music, and more. We will also host a "Billion Dollar Brunch", which features three local organizations who will willingly share ways to invest into your passion, and how to make it work for you for the long haul. We are also proud to work with Head Chef of Fleet Landing, Deljuan Murphy who will curate several different bites based on different cuisines such as: Lowcountry Barbecue, French and African cuisine.

"We want everyone to walk away with a unique experience of transformation and change, and renewed love for themselves and what they love to do," says Khadijah Dennis, who is the Founder of the Conqueror Movement.

For more detailed information on this networking experience, please visit www.conquerormovement.com/events. There, you will find respective dates, times and venues for each event.


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