Things You Don’t Know About Screaming Eagle Wines

In an ocean filled with vast choices of wine labels, buyers are having a hard time looking for a wine label they want to purchase. Although there are some which may know their brand, for some, especially those who are first-time buyers tend to spend a lot more time checking each bottle inside a winery store just to pick the best one.

This is also true if you face elegant, beautiful, and expensive wines. Most of us believed that the more expensive the wine is, the more it tastes perfect.  To be honest, this myth is always true. Every vineyard has a different process and timeline for wine aging. They make sure that the brands their making should appeal to the market that no matter how much would it cost, people will still buy it because of its extraordinary taste.

That said, one of the most mythical and legendary wines ever created is the Screaming Eagle wine. This wine is founded in 1986 and immensely became a crowd favorite because of its heavenly bottles and outstanding quality wherein the toughest wine critic was impressed by this bottle of wine.

Back in 1992, a world-renowned wine critic Robert Parker had scored the first vintage bottle almost perfect. It got a 99 score out of 100 and according to him, he was very impressed with the total quality and the taste that this wine can give. Also in 1997, Screaming Eagle got its first perfect score and has continued getting more of that in recent years. This is the main reason why this wine deemed to be the most perfect wine ever crafted.

Hence, it is not a surprise that a lot of wine tasters love a bottle of Screaming Eagle wine. A good critique about this wine might be an influence but what really appeals to the market is the exquisite taste it offers. It exudes a real flavor of eloquence combined from different limited elements nourished in Screaming Eagle Winery. Indeed, this is one of the most expensive wines you can find.

Although this wine is already popular, there are other things you may still don’t know about this wine. In fact, it’s one of the wine labels which makes money out of mystique. The mystery of this wine continues to love over time that’s why even if it’s expensive people are still buying this. As such, let’s take a look at the things below that we still don’t know about Screaming Eagle wines.

The Volume Of Wines They Make

In other vineyards can show their estimated wine production annually, a Sokolin Screaming Eagle wine does not do that. In 1986, Jean-Phillips bought a 23-hectare vineyard so they can start-up planting the grapes; however, they always face scarcity when it comes to the varieties they harvest that’s why they only have limited production.

After that, it was Charles Banks and Kroenke who bought the vineyard and they decided to replant grape varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. However, this is still not enough way to make many cases of Screaming Eagle and that until this day there hasn’t been an estimated figure as to how many bottles they can create annually.

A Blind Tasting For Robert Parker

The world-renowned wine critique by the name of Robert Parker gives a rating to every wine label he tastes. His way of tasting and scoring the wine is by doing it directly in a winey seeing them how they are produced and crafted. For some, this is quite a bias, especially if he works directly with an owner close to his heart.

In this case, we might know the rating of this wine if Robert Parker opted to taste the wine via blind tasting. He wouldn’t know that it’s a Screaming Eagle and of course we might expect a more objective criticism and a different result.

Sauvignon Blanc Is Always Expensive

The most famous Screaming Eagle variety is the Cabernet. The Screaming Eagle Sauvignon Blanc is the most expensive label among Screaming Eagle wines because price starts at $3900. To be honest, there is not enough reason why a Sauvignon Blanc is so expensive given the fact that scarcity is no longer an issue for Screaming Eagle winery.

According to Robert Parker, there’s nothing incredibly special about Cabernet Sauvignon, especially that there are other wine labels that use this varietal and taste good. If you want to know why it’s expensive, maybe it’s time for you to try.

Charles Banks Left Screaming Eagle

After Jean Philipps had sold the Screaming Eagle vineyard to Charles Banks and Kroenke, these two winemakers work hand in hand to produce excellent labels of Screaming Eagle wines. According to Banks, he and his partner had a great run in this kind of business until such a time that his partner Kroenke decided mid-air not to continue his partnership with Banks.

Actually, there is not enough reason why they parted ways. In fact, Banks has in own winery business which is fully managed and operated by the name of Mayacamas Vineyards.

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