Miller Gallery to Host Solo Show for Charleston Artist Robin Howard

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On August 2nd, Miller Gallery will be opening a highly-anticipated exhibit featuring local artist, Robin Howard. Guided By Voices will be an immersive show featuring over a dozen 5 to 6 foot sculptures, collaborative works, and spiritually-guided concepts. 

Robin Howard’s artwork ignites a nostalgic, childlike sense of wonder. As an assemblage artist she works with reclaimed wood, textiles, fiber, wax, metal, found objects, vintage collectibles, and handmade paper. Howard will debut a new series of standing sculpture constructed from salvaged elements of Charleston single homes. Parts and pieces of her storied creations date back to the 1700s. Appropriately called wanderers, her newest pillars of mystery will become one with the Miller Gallery exhibit space, as viewers will be able to experience these human-size forms up close and personal.  

Howard is a full-time artist who lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina. She explores the roles between science, nature, magic, and myth through mixed-media works that incorporate storytelling and found objects. She invites the viewer into her imaginary worlds through vignettes that are inspiring, mysterious, playful, and sometimes haunting. Born in Indiana, Robin was inspired by the outsider artists of the rural South and Midwest. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Anthropology and studying paper making at Columbia College in Chicago, her art evolved to incorporate traditional techniques with the innocence of the outsider genre.

We look forward to unveiling this unique exhibit during the August 2nd First Friday Artwalk. 

Guided By Voices will be exhibiting through August 23, 2019. 

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