5 Nifty Security Ideas to Burglar-Proof Your Home

For most homeowners, it’s important to make a property comfortable and stylish. For others, security should always come first. While for some, both are priorities. And, whenever home security is a concern, there’s often more to it than casually putting “beware of dogs” or “CCTV cameras installed” signs in front of your property.

There’s a wide range of Wi-Fi enabled burglar alarm, home and ADT Security systems available that let you monitor home activities from your smartphone, computer, or laptop wherever you are. The only snag with these anti-burglar systems is that they can look too industrial, and may not complement with your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Fortunately, there are design elements you can add into your home that are not only stylish but will also help to keep your home well-protected and secure.

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are timeless and classic design elements that you can use for different purposes. They aren’t just typical necessities in any bathroom area and go-to fixtures for creating illusions of added spaces and rooms around your home. Mirrors can also provide an extra layer of security.

For instance, hanging a large mirror in the hallway or living room provides you with a view on the areas where people enter and go out, including burglars.

Make Use of Curtains and Blinds

Exposed valuables such as computer sets and televisions through open windows are tempting for burglars. Hence, hanging blinds and curtains at your windows will keep people from seeing what’s inside your property.

Using curtains and blinds doesn’t just spruce up your home’s interiors, but they also make it more difficult for burglars to peek at your valuables. So, set non-translucent curtains or hang some Venetian blinds to close when you’re not around or during night time.

Invest in Good Lighting

A good lighting setup enhances the overall ambiance of your home. As a bonus, lighting up your property wards off potential robbers as they prefer to operate under darkness. That being said, installing more lighting fixtures to your front door, yard, and driveway area can make a big difference in deterring burglars.

It’s also ideal to map out all possible entry routes around your property and make sure they’re well-lighted. As with outdoor and yard lighting, see to it that installation doesn't obstruct passing cars or your neighbors on the road.

Keep Your Landscape Neat and Clean

The thick and tall trees or shrubs around doors and windows are the perfect hiding areas for burglars who want to break into your home. Prevent it from happening by regularly mowing your lawn and trimming the bushes, leaving the potential robbers with no areas to hide.

Also, you can plant offensive or inhospitable plants such as cactus, thorny bushes, bougainvilleas, etc. These plants may help obstruct unwanted entries due to their prickly thorns and stems.

Minimize the Hiding Areas in Your Property

An open landscape around your property can make it easier for you and your neighbors to spot sneaking robbers easily. Make any hiding areas such as bushes sparse and minimum to discourage thieves. A property with less hiding spots is not an attractive prospect for burglars.

Tall shrubs and trees may provide a curb appeal to your house. However, they also give hiding areas for burglars. As such, trim down plants and trees within your property and go for smaller bushes and flowers instead.

If there are trees near windows, either reinforce those windows with an extra security system like metal grills or remove them totally. Moreover, pay equal attention to the rest of your property’s exteriors.

Follow these additional precautions to keep things locked up tight and secure.

  • Don’t leave your valuable goods on display in the yard as it may tempt burglars.
  • Keep ladders and stools stashed inside your property and out of sight.
  • Lock sheds, gates, and other outdoor buildings within your property.
  • Add security stickers and signs.


In the good old days, security usually means having unsightly barbed wires wrapped around your property. Good thing, you don't need to compromise aesthetics for safety and vice versa just to feel good about your home. You can have them both! Sometimes, a couple of nifty ways is all you need to secure your home.

Author's Bio:

Tyler Pack is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.


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