Community Supported Grocery Delivers Staples to Area Homes

Community Supported Grocery (CSG), a new grocery delivery service comprised almost entirely of locally grown and made products, is now available in the Charleston area. The business is operating under the umbrella of Lowcountry Street Grocery (LSG), a sliding scale mobile farmer's market.

CSG takes the local eggs, produce, meat, cheese, fresh bread, coffee, pasta, etc. from LSG, boxes them up, and delivers them. The company offers 5 different sized bundles:

  • Staples Bundle
    • $20
    • CSG says this bundle is how they carry on the LSG mission of getting good, clean food into low income/ low access areas
    • It's a heavily discounted bundle and people can also use their SNAP/EBT info and get a $10 discount
  • Single bundle
    • $30
  • Double
    • $50
  • Family
    • $75
  • Baller
    • $100

Here's a recent sample menu for you to look over:

You can either do monthly subscriptions or weekly opt-ins. You can sign up online here.

You can also learn more on their Facebook page.

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