5 Essentials for a Safari Themed Birthday Party

Themed parties are the most enjoyable event to host and to be invited too as well. When planning for a birthday party, there are many themes you can choose from. Let’s say you choose a safari-themed party; the amount of things that you can do with this one is overwhelming! You will have a lot of fun decorating and making your guests feel like they’re on a real trip. Below are 5 essential tips to get you started.

1. Invitations

Theme parties are all about making an idea come to life; there are many ways you can do so. The first thing you need to do is to treat it like it’s real. So when hosting your party, consider creating passport-like invitations. You can write your address and end it with “Africa”; you can also give instructions and safety tips on it; so that the kids survive the trip they’re about to embark upon.

2. Costumes

Another way you can make your hosts feel like they’re on a safari is to have them dressed in khaki pants/shorts, gloves, scarves, hats, and hand them binoculars, like the Thinspeak Toys. You can also make little furry ears and tails that the children can wear. Make sure to have some animal masks around and have jungle sound effects in the background to make it even more realistic.

3. Backyard Games

You can’t host a party without games, right? Which is why you need to prepare some backyard activities for kids so they can have the utmost fun together. Not all your games need to be safari themed, you can have regular activities that kids genuinely enjoy. Anything from giant bubble wands to huge Jenga blocks will do. But, you can also have safari charade cards, monkey says monkey do, etc.

4. Decorations

Decorating the house is the best part because you can get all creative with this one and it’ll never seem like it’s too much. Stick different animal prints on the floor and have directional signs around your place. You can also have plants around your house and hang ropes around them and hang them to the wall. Consider hanging torches around and have random animal prints on the wall and the floor. You could also add an indoor birthday party chandler.

5. Food and Drinks

What’s a party without food and drinks? Creating safari-themed food is very easy. Bake a jungle cake with icing leaves and little animals on it. You can also make animal stripped pizzas, have a gummy worm station and use animal cookie cutters for sandwiches. Get green soda that has gummy worms inside, and you can add pop rocks on the side so the kids can add it to the drink.

Creating a theme party is a lot of fun for you and your children. There is a lot of creativity that goes in making it seem real and that’s only half the fun. You can incorporate, for instance, giving your guests invitations, decorating your house with trees and animal prints, safari-like food and drinks, and have awesome backyard games that children can play with.

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