Let Your Frustrations Out By Smashing Things at The Break Room in West Ashley


Have you ever wanted to relive that iconic scene in the 1999 film Office Space? You know, the one where three disgruntled officer workers take their malfunctioning printer out into a field and beat the crap out of it? Well, an upcoming Charleston business may make that movie fantasy a reality.

Whether you're stressed, frustrated, or annoyed at your ex, neighbor, boss, or traffic, you can let it all out at The Break Room Charleston, which is scheduled to open on September 3rd in West Ashley. The business says it will be the area’s "first location to release frustration, combat stress, and reduce anxiety in an entertaining, safe and fun way."

Participants gear up to demolish and smash fun items in fake living rooms, kitchens, offices, and more using baseball bats, golf clubs, crow bars, sledge hammers, and more as the ‘weapons’ of choice. There's even a "Bring Your Own Box" option to personalize the session - photos of exes are absolutely allowed!

"Other than it being a great time and awesome way to get in some cardio, The Break Room can be thought of as ‘hands on’ anger therapy, but the fun kind," Cole Wadsten, the creator of the business, said. "There's something magical and freeing about intentionally breaking things that don't belong to you and knowing you can't get in trouble, not to mention not having to clean up afterward!"

Sessions are booked in fifteen-and thirty-minute increments, solo or with a friend. Safety gear is included in the fees, and videotaping is allowed. Group sessions, team events, and fundraiser opportunities are possible, and hourly rates are available for music videos, commercials, or movies.

The Break Room will be located at 1947 Belgrade Ave. in West Ashley.

You can learn more about the business via their website (www.tbrcharleston.com), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RageCharleston) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ragecharleston/)


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