Glass Doors vs. Open Shelves: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Remodeling your kitchen is never easy. There are a lot of decisions that you need to make--from the motif of your kitchen, the type of stove that you want to use, and the material that you want for your cabinets.

A kitchen remodels may be a severe change in the house, so many people are at a loss at what they should use in making the place where they prepare home-cooked meals beautiful. Homeowners regularly experiment on whether this color will match that. And since remodeling a kitchen can be a pretty hard task, we’ve put up this article that will serve as a guide whether glass-front cabinets are for you or open cabinets will do. If you’re still undecided about what to pick between these two cabinet door styles, you should keep reading.

Why Should You Choose Glass Doors?

When you are fixed on getting either open and glass front cabinets, that means that you’re planning to showcase whatever you want to put there to your guests and friends. This is a wise choice when you are exceptional in keeping things in order and if you have several kitchen pieces that are worthy of being displayed.

Glass doors are great since it can offer a see-through feel--allowing the things to be seen despite having a glass cover and keeping whatever is inside the cabinet protected unlike when you have an open cabinet. For instance, when you have pets or even a baby at home, the glass doors keep your dishes, silverware, and other important things protected and let them out of their reach. As you know it, cats, dogs, and even your baby can reach something in the cabinets which may knock over some of your dishes and glasses, causing them to break.

Another benefit of having glass fronts is it gives a little privacy to whatever is inside the cabinets, especially when the type of glass that you installed is frost-type. This is great for dishes that you haven’t cleaned recently--- which makes the dirt invisible to the eye of the guests (although it still makes them see the silhouette of the plates that you’re planning to hide).

Why Should You Choose to Have Open Shelves?

If you’re leaning more on having open shelves, the greatest benefit that you’ll get out of it is saving money on the cabinet door costs. Although many people know this, we will say it anyway. Cabinet doors are probably one of the most expensive parts of installing kitchen cabinets ready to assemble. While you may be happy in saving money for buying RTA cabinets, but you’ll be surprised how much money you’ll be spending for mere cabinet doors. There are a lot of types and designs that you can choose from when talking about kitchen cabinet doors, so having none will be much of a simpler choice.

If you want to remodel your kitchen into a vintage one, displaying some of your old kitchen utensils by placing them in an open shelf is one of the greatest ways to let them be seen. Open cabinets were built for the purpose of displaying the items stored in them. Therefore, the items that you need to put there should be either worth showing off or holds a special place in your heart.

Why Shouldn’t You Choose Any of Them?

One of the biggest and common issues with these types of kitchen cabinet doors is the extra effort that you need to exert in cleaning them. When you don’t use the plates and glasses displayed inside the cabinets, there can be a buildup of cobwebs that will surely bother the one looking at your cabinets.

If you’re living alone and you often shop for canned goods and snacks, you would surely have two options, either you provide their own creative storage, or you have to store them together with your vintage plates and glasses. Having glass doors can make them a little private, but open shelving will not hide them. The best option is to have a customized kitchen cabinet that comprises glass-covered ones for them and open shelves for your displayed dishes.


A decision to remodel your kitchen is something that you should think about. Aside from the cost, you also have to prepare for your strength as this will surely need a lot of it. And since you’re thinking of doing a kitchen makeover, you should also think about what you really want for your kitchen cabinets as they will contribute to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. With that in mind, you have to carefully compare the options that are laid out in front of you to make sure that what you pick suits your needs in the kitchen. If you’re not sure that you can handle the stress and your budget isn’t ready, consider pushing the idea of remodeling your kitchen until both your budget and yourself are ready for it.

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